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ummf - driver for UMMF


ummf [-I dir] [-M MetaModel] [-m Main::Module] [-o {dir|-}] [-e exporter] input ...


This is a driver for the UMMF toolkit. It translates UML input documents into the export targets specified by the -e option. If -o - is specified the output is generated to STDOUT, otherwise the output is multiplexed into files underneath the directory specified by the -o option, using files2dirs.

If input is 'UML-1.5', then the internal UML 1.5 meta-model (from UMMF::UML::MetaModel) is used as input.

Input files can be .zargo (ArgoUML and Poseidon for UML 1.x), .zuml (Poseidon for UML 2.x) or XMI 1.0 or 1.2 documents.


  ummf -e java -e perl -o gen test/test1.xmi

Generates Java and Perl code in directory gen from test/test1.xmi.

  ummf  -e perl::hibernate -o gen test/test2.zargo

Generates Java Hibernate hbn.xml file in directory gen from test/test2.zargo.

  ummf -e XMI -o - UML-1.5

Generates XMI for the UML 1.5 meta-model on the standard output stream.

  ummf --perl5lib

Print the PERL5LIB path needed for Perl code generated by UMMF.

  ummf -L Some::Package 

Loads Some::Package.

  ummf -m Some::Package @args ...

Loads Some::Package and executes <Some::Package-main(@args)>>.

  ummf -I dir/with/perl/modules

Executes use lib 'dir/with/perl/modules'; including modules from the specified directory in the search path.

  ummf -M UMMF::Boot::MetaModel

Uses UMMF::Boot::MetaModel for the meta-model, defaults to 'UMMF::UML_1_5'.

  ummf -profile MyMagicProfile -e Perl UML-1.5

Applies MyMagicProfile during export of Perl code on the UML 1.5 meta-model. This overides the default lib/ummf/profile/UML-1.5.ummfprofile file.


None exported.


Kurt Stephens, kstephens@users.sourceforge.net 2003/05/15


UMMF::Core::MetaModel, UMMF::Export


$Revision: 1.24 $