visitcpan - explore each distribution in a minicpan repository


version 0.008


     $ visitcpan [OPTIONS] [PROGRAM]
     $ visitcpan [OPTIONS] -- [PROGRAM] [ARGS]


This program executes other programs against each distribution in a minicpan repository. Given a program to run, for each distribution archive in the repository, it will:

  • extract the distribution archive to a temporary directory

  • change to the temporary directory

  • execute the user-specified program

  • return to the original directory

  • clean up the temporary directory

If no program to run is provided, visitcpan will instead produce a listing of distribution files, one per line, that can be piped to other programs for analysis.

To avoid conflicts between visitcpan options and arguments provided to the program to run, use two dashes ('--') to separate minicpan options from other arguments.

By default, visitcpan will use a local minicpan repository as defined in a .minicpanrc file.


  --append|-a        --append=dist -> append distname after ARGS
                     --append=path -> append tarball path after ARGS
  -e|-E              run next argument via 'perl -E'
  --help|-h          this usage info 
  --minicpan|-m      directory of a minicpan (defaults to local minicpan 
                     from CPAN::Mini config file)
  --output|-o        file to save output instead of sending to terminal
  --quiet|-q         silence warnings and suppress STDERR from tar
  --version|-V       visitcpan program version
  --                 indicates the end of options for visitcpan


   # count number of distributiosn in the minicpan
   $ visitcpan | wc -l
   # get a listing of all distributions using Build.PL
   $ visitcpan -q -a dist -o listing.txt -e 'say shift if -f "Build.PL"'
   # run a program against each distribution
   $ visitcpan -q -- ack -a 'use version;'


CPAN::Mini::Extract creates a minicpan with archives extracted. Analyzing an extracted tree will be faster than visitcpan, but the tree will take up substantially more space on disk.


David Golden <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2014 by David Golden.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004