winibw2pica - convert WinIBW PICA+ download to valid PICA+


version 0.585


winibw2pica [options] inputfile(s)


This script can be used to convert "PICA+" download files from WinIBW3 software to valid PICA+. You can download so called PICA+ from WinIBW with the WinIBW command DOWNLOAD (or just DOW). The calling syntax is:

  DOW <n1>[-<n2> ] P[<n3>]

Where n1 ist the first and n2 is the last record number that you want to download from the current result list (staring with 1) and n3 is either a library number or A for all libraries. If you omit n3 then only level 0 will be downloaded. Unfortunately the resulting download format is not valid PICA+ nor valid UTF-8 but it includes some additional lines, linebreaks, control characters and other nasty stuff. This script tries to clean the WinIBW output and returns PICA+ on success.

If this script failed to convert some data, please first make sure to install the latest version of PICA::Record. If there is still an error afterwards, send me a detailed bug report with the version number of this script, the downloaded data, your WinIBW version number and a detailed list of which WinIBW commands you performed to produce the download.

More information about WinIBW3 can be found in the WinIBW3 manual in German at


 -help          brief help message
 -man           full documentation with examples
 -output FILE   write PICA+ records to a given file (default: '-' for STDOUT)
 -xml           print records in PICA/XML
 -prettyxml     pretty print records in PICA/XML
 -ppn           add a PPN from the 'SET...' line if no PPN is in the record
 -utf8          read input field values as UTF-8
 -version       show version information


winib2wpica -prettyxml mydownload.txt winib2wpica -utf8 -out mydownload.pica mydownload.txt


Jakob Voß <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Verbundzentrale Goettingen (VZG) and Jakob Voss.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.