Author image Johan Van den Brande


xmltopdb - Generate a Palm PDB from and XML description


 xmltopdb --source=./input.xml --output=./out.pdb

 cat input.xml | xmltopdb --output=./out.pdb

 cat input.xml | xmltopdb > out.pdb



XML description of the PDB. An alternative is to use standard input.


The PDB file to write to. An alternative is to use standard output.


Print the structure of the XML description as we go.


What you are reading now.


This tool generates a Palm database from an XML desription. The format of the XML description can be found in XML::Handler::Pdb. The datatypes in the PDB are modeled for NSBasic, but you can use any other IDE on the Palm to write apps that use xmltopdb for PDB creation.


Johan Van den Brande <>


This is free software, distributed underthe same terms as Perl itself.