Changes for version 1.79_02 - 2022-08-18

  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 20:47:54 +0200) Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.79_02 (test)

Changes for version 1.79_01 - 2022-08-17

  • (Abe Timmerman, Wed, 17 Aug 2022 08:59:35 +0200) Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.79_01 (test)
  • (Bram, Mon, 15 Aug 2022 21:07:39 +0200) Include custom hostname in smoke report
  • In commit 5920e4cbcef17d7b00206d52dddd5b8ba33aafea
  • Author: abeltje <>
  • Date: Fri Apr 20 22:38:11 2018 +0200
  • Solve
  • I don't like using ENVironment vars for legitimate settings in the
  • software, so I'd rather use the configfile for that.
  • Add a question in
  • The option was added to set a custom hostname in the configfile.
  • In that commit the custom hostname is used when sending the report to
  • the smokedb (that is: in `Test::Smoke::Reporter::smokedb_data`).
  • But the hostname is also used in the preamble of the report and that
  • code was left unchanged so the real hostname still leaked in the report.
  • Fix this and (also) use the custom hostname in the `preamble` function.
  • (+ add a test for it, test file is based on t/report-usernote.t)
  • (Note: commit 5920e4c was based on a PR and in the original commit
  • the preamble function was also updated. That part of the
  • change got lost when converting it to a config option.)
  • (Bram, Mon, 15 Aug 2022 21:24:06 +0200) Use `done_testing()` in t/report-usernote.t
  • The test file was added in commit 792da5b7176f3141f5c45e54e16a4fa1d0b34230
  • Author: Abe Timmerman <abeltje@diefenbaker.local>
  • Date: Mon Apr 15 00:27:00 2013 +0200
  • Implement variable position for the user_note:
  • - un_position == 'top' => at the start of the report
  • - un_position == <!top> => at the end of the report
  • My guess: `done_testing()` was commented support older perls (with an
  • oder versions of Test::More which lacked support for it).
  • Today: plenty of other files in the repo are using `done_testing()` so
  • there is no reason why t/report-usernote.t shouldn't be using it.
  • (Bram, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 16:00:55 +0200) Skip tests with git when `git init fails`
  • When `git init` failed then the test would continue which is undesirable.
  • When running `make test` in the Test-Smoke git repo I observed:
  • - `git init` failed (because of the '-b' option, unknown in my git version)
  • - there was a test failure since it checks the exit code
  • - it continues running git commands, including `git commit`
  • Result: changes were committed to the Test-Smoke git repo and *not* to the
  • test repo that is normally used inside the test.
  • Fix this by skipping the git tests when `git init` fails.
  • (Bram, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 16:07:57 +0200) Silence default branch name warning
  • On a more recent version of git there is a warning about the
  • default branch name. The warning can be silenced by
  • - using the '-b' option to set a (different) default branch name
  • - using the '-q' option
  • In commit 0f7ceb8c4aa1f2f64a14b86f2fcbef32c7981787 the '-b' option
  • was added to `git init` but that breaks compatibility with older git
  • versions. These do not know the '-b' option and thus fail.
  • To preserve backwards and future compatibility:
  • - use the '-q' option to silence the warning
  • - use `git -c init.defaultBranch=master init` to ensure the default branch
  • name is master for the test repo.
  • (Older git versions use 'master' by default, newer versions currently
  • use 'master' but that may change in the future. So git-upstream decides
  • to change default name then the '-c' should do the trick to keep it as
  • 'master')
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 17:21:50 +0200) Merge branch 'bram-perl-bram/git-init'
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 17:32:32 +0200) Merge branch 'bram/custom-hostname' of into bram-perl-bram/custom-hostname
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 17:36:54 +0200) Merge branch 'bram-perl-bram/custom-hostname' into bugfixes/by-bram
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 17:38:30 +0200) Merge branch 'bram/usernote-done-testing' of into bram-perl-bram/usernote-done-testing
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 17:39:06 +0200) Merge branch 'bram-perl-bram/usernote-done-testing' into bugfixes/by-bram
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 18:17:52 +0200) Make sure all filehandles are AUTOFLUSH during smoke
  • Inspired by:
  • It appears that Windows likes it better if the filehandles are on
  • autoflush during the actual smoke.
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 18:21:19 +0200) Merge branch 'bugfixes/by-bram'
  • Merge work by Bram:
  • - fix on Tux's fix for the git-defaultBranch (#61)
  • - autoflush for filehandles used during the actual smoke (not #60)
  • - fix forgotten `done_testing()` (#59(
  • - fix leak of actual hostname in the smoke-report (#58)
  • (Bram, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 19:00:23 +0200) Cache `$daemon->sockhost` in t/poster-post.t
  • On my Windows 10 system 't/poster-post.t' was stuck.
  • Debugging showed that this *apparently* happened when it tried to get
  • the value of `$daemon->sockhost` for the test with 'HTTP::Tiny'.
  • Earlier calls for `$daemon->sockhost` (for the curl test) did succeed
  • and did behave as expected...
  • Sample output of a run that was stuck:
  • # HTTP::Daemon (6.12): IPv6 (::1)
  • # Temporary daemon at: http://[::1]:57965/
  • ok 1 - An object of class 'Test::Smoke::Poster::LWP_UserAgent' isa 'Test::Smoke::Poster::LWP_UserAgent'
  • ok 2 - write_json
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] Posting to http://[::1]:57965/report via LWP::UserAgent.
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] Reading from (C:\Perl\Test-Smoke\t\testsuite.jsn)
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] Report data: {"sysinfo":"MSWin32"}
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] [CoreSmokeDB] {"id":42}
  • ok 3 - Got id (LWP::Useragent: http://[::1]:57965/report)
  • ok 4 - An object of class 'Test::Smoke::Poster::Curl' isa 'Test::Smoke::Poster::Curl'
  • ok 5 - write_json
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] Posting to "http://[::1]:57965/report" via curl.
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] Reading from (C:\Perl\Test-Smoke\t\testsuite.jsn)
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] Report data: {"sysinfo":"MSWin32"}
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] In pwd(C:/Perl/Test-Smoke) running:
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] qx[C:\Windows\system32\curl.EXE --globoff -A "Test::Smoke/1.79_01 (Test::Smoke::Poster::Curl)" -d json=%7B%22sysinfo%22%3A%22MSWin32%22%7D "http://[::1]:57965/report"]
  • % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
  • Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
  • 100 49 100 9 100 40 522 2322 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 3062
  • [2022-08-18 16:47:15Z] [CoreSmokeDB] {"id":42}
  • ok 6 - Got id (curl: http://[::1]:57965/report)
  • And then it kept on waiting..
  • Caching the value of `$daemon->sockhost` appears to fix it..
  • (I've got no idea why tho)
  • With this patch applied and re-running the test it continues:
  • ok 7 - An object of class 'Test::Smoke::Poster::HTTP_Tiny' isa 'Test::Smoke::Poster::HTTP_Tiny'
  • ok 8 - write_json
  • [2022-08-18 16:56:15Z] Posting to http://[::1]:57990/report via HTTP::Tiny.
  • [2022-08-18 16:56:15Z] Reading from (C:\Perl\Test-Smoke\t\testsuite.jsn)
  • [2022-08-18 16:56:15Z] Report data: {"sysinfo":"MSWin32"}
  • [2022-08-18 16:56:15Z] [CoreSmokeDB] {"id":42}
  • ok 9 - Got id (HTTP::Tiny: http://[::1]:57990/report
  • ok 10 - no warnings
  • 1..10
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 19:20:38 +0200) Merge branch 'bram/windows-poster_post.t' of into bram-perl-bram/windows-poster_post.t
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 19:21:05 +0200) Merge branch 'bram-perl-bram/windows-poster_post.t' into bugfixes/by-bram
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 20:24:53 +0200) Add a target to the makefile to run the xt/ tests
  • No convention but on IRC#smoke:
  • 17:41:14 Bram | Is there a make target to run the tests in xt/?
  • 19:26:26 abeltje | no make target for running tests in xt/; is there a convention for that?
  • 19:29:36 ilmari | dzil has an `xtest` command to run them
  • So I named it 'xtest' and used XTEST_FILES to select files to run:
  • make xtest TEST_VERBOSE=1 XTEST_FILES=xt/0*.t
  • but this also works:
  • make xtest
  • (Abe Timmerman, Thu, 18 Aug 2022 20:41:55 +0200) Merge branch 'feature/xtest-make-target'


These are the Release Notes for 1.30
Configure a Makefile for the Windows port of perl
Patch the sourcetree
Check the buildconfigfile specified on the commandline
Create a configuration for
Send the smoke report by mail
Patch the sourcetree
Configure, build and test bleading edge perl
Send the smoke report by protocol
The perl Test::Smoke suite
Check the status of a running smoke
Cleanup and sync the perl-current source-tree
Test::Smoke frequently asked questions


The Perl core test smoke suite
Object that represents an Application Option.
A collection of AppOption objects.
The application.
Baseclass for Test::Smoke::App::* applications.
A collection of application configs and config options.
The application.
The application.
Implementation for
The application.
Synchronise the perl source tree from a source.
Archive the smoke files.
OO interface for handling build configurations
Implement a mirror like object
"Role" that adds logging methods to "traditional" objects.
Factory for objects to send the report.
baseclass for Mailers
Base class for objects (AUTOLOADed accessors)
OO interface to help patching the source-tree
OO interface to handle the stuff.
Factory for poster objects.
Base class for the posters to CoreSmokeDB.
Poster subclass using curl.
Poster subclass using HTTP::Tiny.
Poster subclass using LWP::UserAgent.
OO interface for handling the testresults (mktest.out)
OO interface to do one smoke cycle.
Manipulate the perl source-tree
Factory for syncer objects.
Take out some of the functions of the smoke suite.
Run a command and return its output.
Functions to help find Helpers (modules/bins)
A JSON:PP/JSON::XS Factory Class
Serialise (stringify) values, a bit like Data::Dumper.
Utility function to switch off the error-popup for the current process.


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in lib/Test/Smoke/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
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in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
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