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Apache::AuthDBI - Authentication and Authorization via Perl's DBI
Apache::DBI - Initiate a persistent database connection
Apache::DBI::db in DBI.pm
Changes for version 0.93
    • Always check $dbh->ping if the PingTimeOut is 0. (thanks to Dennis Ingram <Dennis.Ingram@tab.co.nz>)
    • Change $r->connection->user to $r->user to make AuthDBI work with mod_perl 2.0 (thanks to Neil MacGregor <nmacgr@ca.ibm.com> and Brian McCauley <nobull@cpan.org>)
    • removes the requirement for IPC::SysV to be installed if you don't actually use it. Remove support for mod_perls without push_handler support (Thanks to Brian again)
    • improve tests (based on patch from Geoffrey Young <geoff@modperlcookbook.org>; thanks Geoff!)

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