package Apache::ProxyPassThru;
use strict;
use LWP::UserAgent ();
use Apache::Constants ':common';

my $VERSION = "0.11";

sub handler {
    my($r) = @_;
    return DECLINED unless $r->proxyreq;
    $r->handler("perl-script"); #ok, let's do it
    $r->push_handlers(PerlHandler => \&proxy_handler);
    return OK;

sub proxy_handler {
    my($r) = @_;

    my $request = new HTTP::Request $r->method, $r->uri;

    my(%headers_in) = $r->headers_in;
    while(($key,$val) = each %headers_in) {

    if ($r->method eq 'POST') {
       $request->content(scalar $r->content);

    my $res = (new LWP::UserAgent)->simple_request($request);
    #feed reponse back into our request_rec*
    my $table = $r->headers_out;
    $res->scan(sub {


    $r->notes("DumpHeaders", "proxypassthru")
      if $r->dir_config("ProxyPassThru_DumpHeaders");

    return OK;



=head1 NAME

Apache::ProxyPassThru - Skeleton for vanilla proxy


 #httpd.conf or some such
 PerlTransHandler  Apache::ProxyPassThru
 PerlSetVar        ProxyPassThru_DumpHeaders 1


This module uses libwww-perl as it's web client, feeding the response
back into the Apache API request_rec structure.
`PerlHandler' will only be invoked if the request is a proxy request,
otherwise, your normal server configuration will handle the request.

If used with the Apache::DumpHeaders module it lets you view the
headers from another site you are accessing.


This module is configured with PerlSetVar's.

=head2 ProxyPassThru_DumpHeaders

If this is set to a true value we'll set r->notes("DumpHeaders") to
"proxypassthru" to get the request logged in the log. This is usually
what you want.

Makes it easy to have Apache::DumpHeaders only dump headers from your
proxied requests.

=head1 SUPPORT

The latest version of this module can be found at CPAN and at
L<>. Send questions and
suggestions to the modperl mailinglist (see L<>
for information) or directly to the author (see below).

=head1 SEE ALSO

mod_perl(3), Apache(3), LWP::UserAgent(3)

=head1 AUTHOR

Ask Bjoern Hansen <>. 

Originally by Doug MacEachern.