=head1 NAME

DB::SPEEDYB - Look up records in a Speedyb constant database



    my $db = DB::SPEEDYB->new();
    $db->open('tiny.db') or die "Failed to open db: $!";
    my $res = $db->get("Alice");

    while (my($k,$v) = $DB->each()) {


This module performs lookups in a Speedyb constant database.  Currently,
you must create the database with the Python speedyb module.

Speedyb is a high performance, memory-mapped key-value store.

You can share a speedyb handle across forked child processes.  There are
no locking issues.

=head2 Functions

=over 4

=item B<open($filename);>

Open the file for reading.

=item B<get($key);>

Return the value for this key, or undef if not found.  Only strings are
supported as keys and values.

=item B<each()>

Iterate over all items in the database, returning $key, $value.  Returns undef
when items are exhausted.


=head2 ERRORS

Open returns undef on failure.  get returns undef if they keys is not found.

=head1 HISTORY

Written by Asher Blum E<lt>F<asher@wildsparx.com>E<gt> and Robert Lehr in 2012.


Copyright (C) 2012 Asher Blum and Robert Lehr.  All rights reserved.
This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as Perl itself