Changes for version 2.002003 - 2010-09-16

  • Added REST and RPC delete_bulk tests
  • Fixed RPC delete_bulk not working at all
  • Added REST and RPC update_bulk tests
  • Removed useless RPC index action
  • Fixed static configured page attribute not being used (RT#56226)
  • Test use_json_boolean true
  • Fixed search attribute generation for nonexistent relationships
  • Remove trailing newlines from error messages


Provides a DBIx::Class web service automagically
Provides a helper class to automatically keep track of joins in complex searches
Provides a REST interface to DBIx::Class
Provides an RPC interface to DBIx::Class
Provides a role to be applied to the Request object
Provides additional context to the Request
Provides Request argument validation
Provides controller level configuration arguments
Provides accessors for static resources
Provides shortcut types and coercions for DBIC::API
Provides validation services for inbound requests against whitelisted parameters


in lib/Catalyst/Controller/DBIC/API/