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Changes for version 0.08127

  • New Features / Changes
    • Schema/resultsource instances are now crossreferenced via a new system guaranteeing leak-free mutually assured destruction
    • DBIx::Class now warns when the user erroneously supplies AutoCommit => 0 to connect()
    • A warning is also issued before forcing the RaiseError setting of externally supplied DBI handles
    • Switch to a warning when find() is invoked with both a 'key' argument and a NULL-containing condition to satisfy the named constraint. Previously (starting with 0.08124) an exception was thrown
    • Switch to a warning when a commit is attempted with an out-of-sync transaction_depth (someone issued a begin externally to DBIC). Previously (starting with 0.08124) an exception was thrown
  • Fixes
    • A number of improvements/diagnostics of multiple active resultset handling on MSSQL over DBD::ODBC
    • Revert default selection to being lazy again (eagerness introduced in 0.08125) - fixes DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::RemoveColumns
    • Fix losing order of columns provided in select/as (regression from 0.08125)
    • Unaliased "dark" selectors no longer throw off prefetch
    • Fix proper composition of bind values across all possible SQL areas ( group_by => \[ ... ] now works properly )
    • Allow populate to skip empty has_many relationships which makes it easier to pass HashRefInflator data directly to ->populate
    • Improve freeze/thaw semantics and error messages (RT#62546)
    • Fix inconsistency in Manual::Features (RT#64500)
    • Fix incorrect SQL when using for => 'shared' with MySQL (RT#64590)
    • Throw comprehensible exception on erroneous $schema->source() invocation
    • Fix sloppy refactor of ResultSource::sequence back from 89170201 (RT#64839)
    • Fix incorrect error detection during populate() on Oracle
    • Better handling of result_source-less row objects by auto-calling result_source_instance when necessary
    • Fix reverse_relationship_info and sqlt deploy on partially loaded schemas (relationships point to non-existent sources)
  • Misc
    • Fix test warning on win32 - at this point the test suite is warning-free on all known OSes
    • Require newest namespace::clean which in turn depends on new installable Package::Stash
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