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Changes for version 0.08193

  • New Features / Changes
    • Allow schema cloning to mutate attributes
    • DBIC now attempts more aggressive de-duplication of where conditions on resultset chaining
    • The Ordered component is now smarter wrt reordering of dirty objects, and does its job with less storage queries
    • Logging via DBIC_TRACE=1=<filename> no longer overwrites the logfile on every program startup, appending loglines instead
  • Fixes
    • Fix issue where the query was becoming overly mangled when trying to use pagination with a query that has a sub-select in the WHERE clause
    • Fix possible incorrect pagination on Oracle, when a resultset is not ordered by a unique column
    • Revert "Fix incorrect signature of the default sqlt_deploy_hook" from 0.08191 - documentation was in fact incorrect, not the code
    • Fix Sybase ASE IC::DateTime support (::Storage going out of sync with new default format expected by DateTime::Format::Sybase)
    • Fix a bug in update_all() resulting in the first row receiving a different dataset than the subsequent ones
    • Accomodate MSAccess supporting only 'INNER JOIN' (not plain 'JOIN')
    • InflateColumn::DateTime option datetime_undef_if_invalid no longer masks missing dependency exceptions (RT#66823)
    • Fix bug in Schema::Versioned failing to insert a schema version row during upgrades at the turn of the second
    • Fix incorrect bind of integers >= 2^^32 (bigint columns) to SQL_INTEGER, resulting in silent conversion to '-1'
    • Fix pre 5.10 failures of t/55namespaces_cleaned.t due to buggy require() (RT#68814)
    • Oracle autoinc inserts no longer leave open cursors behind
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