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Adam Kennedy
Imager::Search - Locate images inside other images
Imager::Search::Driver - Locate an image inside another image
Imager::Search::Driver::HTML8 - Simple Imager::Search::Driver using #RRBBGG strings
Imager::Search::Image::Screenshot - An image captured from the screen
Imager::Search::Match - Object describing a successful Imager::Search match
Imager::Search::Pattern - Search object for an image
Imager::Search::Image in lib/Imager/Search/Image.pm
Imager::Search::Image::Cached in lib/Imager/Search/Image/Cached.pm
Imager::Search::Image::File in lib/Imager/Search/Image/File.pm
Changes for version 0.10
    • Redesigned the API from scratch to be more scalable
    • This is a first basic attempt, things will get more maintainable in future releases.

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