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Adam Kennedy
PPI - Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl)
PPI::Cache - The PPI Document Caching Layer
PPI::Document - Object representation of a Perl document
PPI::Document::Fragment - A fragment of a Perl Document
PPI::Document::Normalized - A normalized Perl Document
PPI::Dumper - Dumping of PDOM trees
PPI::Element - The abstract Element class, a base for all source objects
PPI::Find - Object version of the Element->find method
PPI::Lexer - The PPI Lexer
PPI::Node - Abstract PPI Node class, an Element that can contain other Elements
PPI::Normal - Normalize Perl Documents
PPI::Normal::Standard - Provides standard document normalization functions
PPI::Statement - The base class for Perl statements
PPI::Statement::Break - Statements which break out of normal statement flow
PPI::Statement::Compound - Describes all compound statements
PPI::Statement::Data - The __DATA__ section of a file
PPI::Statement::End - Content after the __END__ of a module
PPI::Statement::Expression - A generic and non-specialised statement
PPI::Statement::Include - Statements that include other code
PPI::Statement::Null - A useless null statement
PPI::Statement::Package - A package statement
PPI::Statement::Scheduled - A scheduled code block
PPI::Statement::Sub - Subroutine declaration
PPI::Statement::Unknown - An unknown or transient statement
PPI::Statement::UnmatchedBrace - Isolated unmatched brace
PPI::Statement::Variable - Variable declaration statements
PPI::Structure::Block - Curly braces representing a code block
PPI::Structure::Condition - Round braces for boolean context conditions
PPI::Structure::Constructor - Anonymous hash or array constructor
PPI::Structure::ForLoop - Circular braces for a for expression
PPI::Structure::List - An explicit list or scoping brace
PPI::Structure::Subscript - Braces that represent an array or hash subscript
PPI::Structure::Unknown - An unknown or unresolved brace structure
PPI::Token - A single token of Perl source code
PPI::Token::ArrayIndex - Token getting the last index for an array
PPI::Token::Attribute - A token for a subroutine attribute
PPI::Token::Cast - A prefix which forces a value into a different context
PPI::Token::Comment - A comment in Perl source code
PPI::Token::DashedWord - A dashed bareword token
PPI::Token::Data - The actual data in the __DATA__ section of a file
PPI::Token::End - Completely useless content after the __END__ tag
PPI::Token::HereDoc - Token class for the here-doc
PPI::Token::Label - Token class for a statement label
PPI::Token::Magic - Tokens representing magic variables
PPI::Token::Number - Token class for a number
PPI::Token::Operator - Token class for operators
PPI::Token::Pod - Sections of POD in Perl documents
PPI::Token::Prototype - A subroutine prototype descriptor
PPI::Token::Quote - String quote abstract base class
PPI::Token::Quote::Double - A standard "double quote" token
PPI::Token::Quote::Interpolate - The interpolation quote-like operator
PPI::Token::Quote::Literal - The literal quote-like operator
PPI::Token::Quote::Single - A 'single quote' token
PPI::Token::QuoteLike - Quote-like operator abstract base class
PPI::Token::QuoteLike::Backtick - A `backticks` command token
PPI::Token::QuoteLike::Command - The command quote-like operator
PPI::Token::QuoteLike::Readline - The readline quote-like operator
PPI::Token::QuoteLike::Regexp - Regexp constructor quote-like operator
PPI::Token::QuoteLike::Words - Word list constructor quote-like operator
PPI::Token::Regexp - Regular expression abstract base class
PPI::Token::Regexp::Match - A standard pattern match regex
PPI::Token::Regexp::Substitute - A match and replace regular expression token
PPI::Token::Regexp::Transliterate - A transliteration regular expression token
PPI::Token::Separator - The __DATA__ and __END__ tags
PPI::Token::Structure - Token class for characters that define code structure
PPI::Token::Symbol - A token class for variables and other symbols
PPI::Token::Unknown - Token of unknown or as-yet indetermined type
PPI::Token::Whitespace - Tokens representing ordinary white space
PPI::Token::Word - The generic "word" Token
PPI::Token::_QuoteEngine - The PPI Quote Engine
PPI::Tokenizer - The Perl Document Tokenizer
PPI::Transform - Abstract base class for document transformation classes
PPI::Structure in lib/PPI/Structure.pm
PPI::Token::_QuoteEngine::Full in lib/PPI/Token/_QuoteEngine/Full.pm
PPI::Token::_QuoteEngine::Simple in lib/PPI/Token/_QuoteEngine/Simple.pm
PPI::Util in lib/PPI/Util.pm
Changes for version 1.100_03
    • General
    • Major bug fixing
    • Some additions to help simplify Perl::Metrics
    • Details:
    • A whole bunch (practically all) of the sibling code was breaking under non-trivial use. Fixed, with a number of new tests added.
    • Added function PPI::Util::md5hex
    • Added method PPI::Document::hex_id

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