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inline2test - The Test::Inline 2 Test Compiler
Test::Inline - Inlining your tests next to the code being tested
Test::Inline::Content - Test::Inline 2 Content Handlers
Test::Inline::Content::Default - Test::Inline 2 fallback/default Content Handler
Test::Inline::Content::Legacy - Test::Inline 2 Content Handler for legacy functions
Test::Inline::Content::Simple - Simple templating Content Handler
Test::Inline::Extract - Extract relevant Pod sections from source code.
Test::Inline::IO::File - Local Filesystem IO Handler
Test::Inline::IO::File::VCS - Test::Inline IO Handler for Version Control Systems
Test::Inline::Script - Generate the test file for a single source file
Test::Inline::Section - Implements a section of tests
Test::Inline::Util in lib/Test/Inline/Util.pm
Changes for version 2.101
    • Rebuilding to synchronize with new Module::Install and ExtUtils::AutoInstall
    • Tweaks the per-section test code to make more applicable value appear in the failure summary.
    • Removed all remaining use of UNIVERSAL::isa, switching to a more accurate Params::Util approach. Should allow for improved extensibility.

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