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Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson
Imager::regmach - documents the register virtual machine used by Imager::transform2().
Imager - Perl extension for Generating 24 bit Images
Imager::Color - Color handling for Imager.
Imager::Expr - implements expression parsing and compilation for the expression evaluation engine used by Imager::transform2()
Imager::Expr::Assem - an assembler for producing code for the Imager register machine
Imager::Font - Font handling for Imager.
Imager::Regops - generated information about the register based VM
Imager::Transform - a library of register machine image transformations
Imager::Expr::Infix in lib/Imager/Expr.pm
Imager::Expr::Postfix in lib/Imager/Expr.pm
Changes for version 0.38
    • Added lots of color quantization code from Tony with benchmarks. Also fixes ugly stack overrun in old version. Added fixes for the lmfixed problem. Four of them, let's see which is fastest. This version adds some voronoi partitioning - it's dog slow but it's a reference implementation to check if faster algorithms are doing the right thing [tm]. Added a check for giflib 3.
    • Win32 support for libpng
    • fixed set_internal creating 2 refs to one object
    • Win32 support for jpeg
    • Win32 support for tiff
    • base level error reporting code added, I still need to modify
    • older code to use it
    • fix translate=>'giflib' handling of single-colour images.
    • Previously a single colour image would cause an error in
    • MakeMapObject().
    • fix t/t10formats.t tests against giflib3
    • added test for transparent gifs
    • minor doc fixes for transparent gifs
    • make it less error-prone to write transparent gifs
    • documented the options for reading raw images
    • Changes switched to use spaces for formatting
    • switch gif.c to new error reporting with related changes to
    • Imager.xs, Imager.pm
    • each of the image formats now have their own test file,
    • extracted from t10formats.t, usually with som extra tests
    • Added flip() and docs to Imager.pm and i_flipxy to image.c.
    • Added testcases too.
    • Fixed an overflow bug in png.c
    • added the colors parameter to Imager::read() which receives
    • the arrayref of colours that i_readgif(_scalar) returns
    • fixed a problem in makemap_addi in quant.c where only the first
    • image was compared against the palette when the palette was being
    • refined. I screwed up on this originally (TC). This is the other
    • half of a fix for Leolo's lmfixed problem <sigh>.
    • makemap_addi() now only puts colours into the palette that it
    • found while optimizing the palette (so we don't get 256 colour
    • palettes for 2 colour images :)
    • initial implementation of a row-based interface to low-level
    • images (for performance)
    • changed Imager::read() for GIF so that the arrayref pointed to
    • by the ref supplied in colors contains Imager::Color objects
    • instead of more arrayrefs, keep this interface stable until we
    • can make an informed choice about i_readgif()
    • incorporated Micksa's faxable tiff support, treating as a type
    • of tiff rather than a separate format
    • t/t70newgif.t now checks for gif support
    • added the convert() method
    • Added support for transparent to alpha conversion during loading
    • of png files. Note that libpng 1.0.1 is broken in handling this, we know that 1.0.5 works.
    • support for writing PGM (portable gray map) files
    • Fix for i_gifread_low() for images with only a local and no global
    • colormap and an abort if no colormap is present (which is legal
    • in gif).
    • several fixes to i_readgif_low()
    • Fixed crop() method so that it is consistent with documentation.
    • make clean now removes the testout directory
    • added tests for the OO interface for tiff, added an option to choose the resolution for fax tiffs, removed some unused code, fixed minor problems with Imager::write() handling of image types
    • changed README note on libgif bug to refer to t105gif.t instead of t10formats.t
    • ================================================================= For latest versions check the Imager-devel pages: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~addi/perl/Imager/devel/
    • =================================================================

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