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Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson

Changes for version 0.42

  • quote the 'min' parameter to scale in Imager::Transformations and at least mention it in the docs beyond the examples
  • document the values for the read() and write() method type parameter
  • support UTF8 text with Freetype 1.x
  • second parameter to SvPV() must be of type STRLEN
  • Doc pathces from cogent.
  • Fixed out of bounds access on bitmap for flood fills.
  • some char * vs unsigned char * casts missing on OSF1 v4.0
  • some enums had , on the last item in datatypes.h, which OSF1 didn't like
  • Compaq C 6.4 (OSF1) claims to be C99 but doesn't provide stdint.h, don't try to use it under OSF
  • fix missing initialization in tags.c
  • Change i_draw to i_line and have it use Bresenham's line drawing algorithm.
  • support has_chars() method for Freetype 1.x
  • fixed log message for i_ft2_has_chars()
  • fixed some broken checking for UTF8 in FT2 code
  • handle UTF8 strings passed to T1 low-level functions
  • handle flags for underline, strikethrough and overline for T1 low-level output functions
  • OO interfaces to UTF8 and flags, for now leaving the flags as specific to Imager::Font::Type1
  • mc_web_map was storing colors with an alpha of 0
  • update the URLs for libpng and zlib
  • Fixed empty string handling for tt font driver.
  • Fixed tiff handling of images all contained in a single strip (rowsperstrip = -1) and added a hack for images missing the rowsperstrip tag.
  • Fixed default parameters for crop()
  • Added Preliminary specialized scaling code.
  • Added image type detection.
  • added smoke test for win32 font bounding_box() method, and fixed the problem reported in ticket #1748.
  • update t37w32font.t to use i_line() instead of i_draw()
  • replaced non-portable call to rint() with (int)(dy+0.5) (so we can build on Win32)
  • the default tifflib warning handler was crashing on Win32 under ActivePerl, when an unrecognized tag was read from the file. For now we'll just drop the warnings in the bit bucket. (Ticket #1513)
  • the code to read multiple tiffs didn't handle files with more than five images correctly, causing a memory overrun.
  • fix some minor test code hiccups
  • implemented i_t1_has_chars(), tests for same
  • added ExistenceTest.{pfb,afm,ttf} for testing $font->has_chars
  • tests for Imager::Font::Type1::has_chars();
  • tests for Imager::Font::Truetype::has_chars();
  • internal and external bounding box calculations now use the same hint flags as text output for Freetype 2.x
  • made the i_foo_bbox() interface more expandable by using symbolic constants for the sizes and array offsets
  • added a / character to the ExistenceTest.foo fonts that overlaps the right side of the character cell, to test the advance width reporting.
  • added advance width to the i_foo_bbox() interface, and implemented it for FT2, FT1 and Type 1
  • Imager::Font::bounding_box() now returns an Imager::Font::BBox object in scalar context.
  • implemented $font->align() text output method, for simple output of aligned text
  • created Imager::Font::Wrap::wrap_text to perform simple text wrapping
  • FT1, FT2 and T1 fonts now support the face_name method
  • FT1, FT2 and T1 now support the glyph_names() method
  • Debian woody supplied FT2.0.9, which didn't support FT_Has_PS_Names(), so we use the FT_HAS_GLYPH_NAMES() macro instead.
  • some older FT1 don't define TT_MS_LANGID_ENGLISH_GENERAL, which we use, define it if freetype doesn't.
  • Added extra options to rubthrough() so only a subpart of source image is used.
  • the image fills didn't handle filling with source images of less than four channels correctly
  • added comment support the postfix transform2() expression parser
  • transform2() can now produce images with other than 3 channels.
  • added a correct T_AVREF input mapping to the typemap to simplify parameter lists
  • shut off one of the align subtests in the ft2 test. The triggering is likely an ft2 bug.
  • removed some half written scaling optimization code.
  • added /sw/lib and /sw/include to the Makefile.PL code for osX.
  • removed all references to the www.eecs.umich.edu page and changed them to imager.perl.org ones.
  • For latest versions check the Imager-devel pages: http://imager.perl.org/~addi/perl/Imager/
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