Revision history for Data::Random.

0.05  Thu Feb 20 2003
        - added default wordlist (copy of linux.words)
        - fixed tests again so they don't fail if Date::Calc or
            GD are not installed

0.04  Tue Feb 26 2002
        - removed false dependency on Perl 5.005_62
        - only load Data::Random::WordList when needed
            (Thanks to Mark Stosberg)
        - fixed tests so they skip appropriate tests if Date::Calc or
            GD are not installed

0.03  Mon Aug 20 2001
        - added rand_image()

        - used Carp::cluck() and returned undef on errors instead of
            calling die, thus making it a little more friendly

0.02  Wed May 30 2001
        - correctly made "shuffle" flag default to 1 for rand_words(),
            rand_chars() and rand_set()  (Thanks to David Sarno)
        - fixed bug where rand_words() would sometimes return less words
            than what's specified in "min"  (Thanks to David Sarno)

        - allowed results of rand_set() to be unshuffled

        - added a plethora of tests (how's one supposed to
            accurately the test validity of random data anyway?)

0.01  Tue Oct 31 2000
        - original version