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Changes for version 0.06_7

  • Added Module::Build support

Changes for version 0.06_6

  • Fixed bogus test failures under MSWin32

Changes for version 0.06_5

  • Cleaned up internals
  • Having a single method be simultaniously a setup and teardown method no longer supported
  • The undocumented add_method method, that you should not have been using anyway, disappears

Changes for version 0.06_4

  • Fixed bogus heading styles in POD
  • Test names that default to $self->current_method now replace all "_" characters with spaces to increase readability
  • Documented default test name behaviour
  • D'oh! Fixed MANIFEST so the distribution actually included the new tests for 0.06_3 and 0.06_2

Changes for version 0.06_3

  • more POD tweaks
  • all tests now compile with warnings enabled
  • test name now defaults to $self->current_method

Changes for version 0.06_2

  • now uses inside out objects so restriction on using -test and _test as hash keys has been removed
  • tweaked POD of Test::Class
  • you can now have spaces around test numbers, etc. (bug report and patch from David Wheeler)

Changes for version 0.06_1

  • removed examples directory from distribution, needs rewrite
  • removed .svn directories from distribution (doh!)
  • removed Test::Class::Tutorial from distribution - needs rewrite
  • removed Test::Class::BaseTest - needs rethink
  • cleaned up Test::Class POD a bit
  • documented.t now uses Test::Pod::Coverage if available
  • pod.t now uses Test::Pod if available
  • private methods now called as functions to avoid problems with subclasses accidentally overriding


easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style


in lib/Test/Class/MethodInfo.pm