=head1 NAME

Changes - CGI::Widget::DBI::Browse change logfile

=head1 CHANGES

all changes without author attribution are by Adi Fairbank

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=item 0.17 - Dec 8, 2014

call translate() method from Search module v0.31 on user-visible English strings, to support internationalization

add a span around "Show all items in this category" so it can be replaced (via CSS) with something else

add empty div so content can be added (via CSS content:) at the top of browse results for any level in category tree

more unicode fixes: decode utf8 chars in link_for_category_column() and when -cache_categories enabled

=item 0.16 - Feb 11, 2014

add utf8 escaping to support browsing datasets with non-english-language characters

add exception handling to prevent circular reference memory leak if an error occurs in display of results

update for refactoring in CGI::Widget::DBI::Search version 0.30

bugfix: auto-skip to results code was breaking the case of a single browse result on the final page of category choices

HTML escape the id of the <a/> tag of each category browse choice

=item 0.15 - Mar 14, 2013

minor performance improvement by eliminating unnecessary calls to HTML-generation methods

bugfix in unicode handling: use uri_escape_utf8() on all query string values in URIs used for navigation

change id attribute of category navigation href: was just "categoryNavLink", now "categoryNavLink-[CATEGORY]"
where [CATEGORY] is the category value where the user would navigate to if the href is followed

minor change in behavior of -auto_skip_to_results: enable auto-skip for any category with just a
single member, instead of only no members (sub-category value NULL) or single empty string member,
since the whole point of this module is to make browsing datasets in a browser *easy*

=item 0.14 - Jun 27, 2010

add new -exclude_vars_from_breadcrumbs option to exclude some -href_extra_vars params
from breadcrumb links

refactor add_breadcrumbs_to_header() to make individual breadcrumbs available to calling object

minor change to behavior of parent_category_column() and ancestor_category_columns() methods:
when auto_skip_in_effect, return the parent or ancestors *before* auto-skip, instead of after

improve link_for_category_column() method to support list of params to exclude from generated
href, even when preseent in -href_extra_vars (useful for removing a search string param)

add -href_extra_vars from search widget to query string for all browse navigation links:
category browse, breadcrumb, skip-to-results, and link returned by link_for_category_column() method

minor API changes:
- new method auto_skip_to_results() which runs just the auto-skip code; also sets
  'auto_skip_in_effect' object variable when auto-skip is triggered
- new method build_results() which performs the search and calls auto_skip_to_results(),
  in case external classes want to build results before calling display_results

=item 0.13 - Oct 26, 2009

document public methods, in preparation for first CPAN release

add link_for_category_column() method to generate a link back to a certain place
in the browse tree based on current result row data

make auto-skip feature work with both no category rows, or a single category value
of empty string: ''

add -post_auto_skip_callback to allow a callback routine to run to update state of
widget if in auto-skip mode

add new -auto_skip_to_results option for auto showing results when we reach a category
which has no members

reformat display of skipToResultsLink to show on same line as breadcrumbs

add support for a pre-existing search widget object in object construction

set -form_extra_vars for _browse_skip_to_results_ so browsing will work embedded in forms

fix for when used with -sql_search_columns / -sql_join_for_dataset options of
CGI::Widget::DBI::Search, and new test case

new method category_title() which returns a context-specific title which can be displayed
to the user to denote where in the browse tree they currently are

add hidden form fields to html output so category navigation state will be preserved
across form (POST) submits

fix bug when a column in -sql_retrieve_columns has a table alias (e.g. i.sub_category)

add -category_sql_retrieve_columns and -category_column_closures options, for extra
flexibility when rendering categories in browse mode (internal nodes in the browse tree)

reverse order of columns returned by ancestor_category_columns()- now returned in same
order as listed in -category_columns

=item 0.12

add automatic category caching functionality with -cache_categories option,
for faster rendering of internal nodes in the browse tree

refactoring to split component functionality into concise methods, for better reuse.
new methods: configure_search_for_category_browse(), add_breadcrumbs_to_header()

new methods parent_category_column(), and ancestor_category_columns() based on
current position in browse tree

=item 0.11

add is_browsing() method to API to determine whether widget is browsing or showing results

=item 0.10

initial release