Yichun Zhang (章亦春)

Changes for version 0.14

  • now we require Parallel::ForkManager, Text::Diff, and Test::Base.
  • the --- request section now supports multiple requests and even "packeting" (see documentation for details). And it should be backward compatible. Of course, the "expected" sections have been upgraded to expect (and even require) arrays in this situation.
  • updated quite a bit the documentation.
  • deprecated request_eval and response_body_eval. If you use them, the test will pass but you will be issued a "diag" statement telling you to move to "request eval" and "response_body eval" respectively.
  • added new implementation for pipelined requests and raw requests. Rewrote SKIP statement to be less verbose and more in line with what is recommended on Test::Nginx.
  • added support for environment variable TEST_NGINX_FORCE_RESTART_ON_TEST. Defaults to 1. Must be explicitly set to 0 to avoid restarting the nginx server when the config does not change between two tests. This also brings support for allowing config not to be set. This way, using TEST_NGINX_FORCE_RESTART_ON_TEST=1 with TEST_NGINX_NO_SHUFFLE=1 and having a config section only on the first test, you can have all tests use the same config.
  • added support for environment variable TEST_NGINX_NO_NGINX_MANAGER (defaults to 0) which will disable the nginx management code (stop/config/start). Very useful when you want to run tests on an already running NGINX (set TEST_NGINX_NO_NGINX_MANAGER to 1 and TEST_NGINX_CLIENT_PORT to the port your running nginx is listening on).
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