Yichun Zhang (章亦春)

Changes for version 0.21

  • feature: added support for SystemTap: the SystemTap white-box testing mode is enabled by setting TEST_NGINX_USE_STAP=1 and by using new test sections "--- stap", "--- stap_out", and "--- stap_out_like".
  • feature: added support for new sections "--- udp_listen" and "--- udp_reply" for mocking an internal UDP server.
  • feature: added new section "--- udp_reply_delay" and also make "--- udp_reply_delay" and "--- timeout" sections accept time values with a time unit which can be either "s" or "ms".
  • feature: added new section "--- udp_query" to test if the UDP query sent to the embeded UDP server is expected.
  • feature: added new section "--- tcp_query_len" to work with mockeagain testing modes.
  • feature: added support for embedded TCP server by introducing new sections "--- tcp_listen", "--- tcp_query", "--- tcp_reply", and "--- tcp_reply_delay".
  • feature: added new section "--- tcp_no_close" to tell the embedded TCP server (if any) never close the connection actively. this is feature is mainly for mocking upstream reply read time out in the middle.
  • feature: added new section "--- log_level" to specify the error log level on a test-by-test basis.
  • bugfix: we might lose logs at config-time when TEST_NGINX_USE_HUP=1 because we sent HUP before USR1.
  • bugfix: be more tolarent when removing the nginx pid file while the nginx process is not running.
  • optimize: now we can automatically check the version of the current nginx configuration and retry dozens of times when TEST_NGINX_USE_HUP=1. this speed up the test suite in this mode a lot and also avoid accidental failures due to slow nginx reloads.
  • bugfix: try harder when failing to connect to the Nginx server.
  • refactor: now we use the standard "return" directive instead of "echo" for detecting nginx config reload completion for the "HUP reload" testing mode.
  • refactor: use waitpid() wherever possible.
  • bugfix: Parallel::ForkManager does not allow the user calling waitpid directly, or inifinite looping might happen when calling its start() method. now we no longer use this module any more and use the fork() builtin function exclusively.
  • bugfix: disabled the ending output "Looks like you ..." when the client socket timed out.
  • refactor: now we disabled the access log by default.
  • updated the bundled versions of Test::Builder and Test::More modules.
  • docs: documented the "--- skip_nginx" and "--- skip_nginx2" sections. thanks Weibin Yao for requesting it.
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