Revision history for Perl extension Thrift::XS.

1.04    2011-07-11
        - Fixed bug in writeString that would encode certain binary data into
          UTF-8 bytes.
        - Fixed errors if you only loaded ::BinaryProtocol instead of ::XS.

1.03    2011-05-15
        - Fixed writeDouble bug on big-endian platforms.
        - Worked around test failures due to floating-point precision on some

1.02    2011-05-06
        - Fixed several bugs with 64-bit integers on 32-bit platforms.
        - Large performance boost by using direct buffer operations if
          also using XS::MemoryBuffer.
        - Added return values for compatibility for all methods in BinaryProtocol
          (Wang Lam).

1.01    2011-02-24
        - Added compact protocol support.
        - Documented the rest of the XS modules.
        - Fixed bug in writeBool that caused it to always write a true value.
        - Fixed bug in readFieldBegin where T_STOP was not handled properly.

1.00    2011-02-22
        - Initial release.