Andrew Hicox

Changes for version 1.08

  • fixed inverted logic in CheckFields / TruncateOK, prevented field lengths from being truncated
  • fixed error in CreateTicket causing CheckFields output to be returned instead of undef when CheckFields fails
  • fixed CheckFields date & time_of_day conversions to not die on NULL field values
  • adding this to the to-do list
    • CoalesceRecords -> add two records together, spit out complete record with updates
    • IntersectRecords -> take two records, spit out only the fields they have in common
    • SubtractRecords -> take two records, spit out only the fields that are different
    • CompareRecord -> take two records, compare them. spit out a 1 if they're the same 0 if they're different
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  • Remedy::ARSTools - a perl wrapper to the ARSperl project, providing a simplified object interface with field definition caching.