This module tries to compile itself with "-lmpi", some systems require
additional compiler flags when building and linking MPI applications.

If mpicc is present, this module tries to use `mpicc -compile-info` and
`mpicc -link-info` to work out how to compile and link itself.  You may
need to make sure that mpicc is in your path for this to work during

You may need to ensure that an appropriate daemon is running before
using mpirun/mpiexec.  mpich2 requires that mpd is running.

If `make && make test` doesn't work, try specifying CCFLAGS and
LDFLAGS and LIBS correctly and re-run Makefile.PL.

Some systems might be a lot happier with the module if you build a static
perl, instead of one which dynamically loads the C portion of this module.
You will also need to statically link the Storable module.  See the
ExtUtils::MakeMaker manpage for more details.

Windows: This works, but the Makefile is generated incorrectly by Makemaker,
so you might need to hand edit it to get it working, by searching through for
repeated {{ characters where there should be none.  I do not know why this is.

### Working systems
SGI	- IRIX64 6.5 IP30 -  2 nodes
SGI	- IRIX64 6.5 IP27 - 16 nodes
CRAY	- unicosmk CRAY T3E
FreeBSD	- FreeBSD4.4 w/lam
Linux	- Debian with mpich2
Windows - Windows7 with mpich2 v1.1.1 (some later mpich versions fail to include libmpi.a properly, once they fix this, this should work)