Changes for version 1.0 - 2019-01-30

  • Update POD documentation
  • HTTP::Headers
    • Accept an HTTP::Headers compatible object for the headers parameter in decode_message() and decode_mdn(). A hash ref is also still accepted.
  • Packaging
    • Use and configure Dist::Zilla
    • Review POD style
    • Fix POD content errors
  • *File options
    • Enable private key and certificates to be read in from files
  • HTTPS support
    • Enable UserAgent class to be configured
    • Provide support for sending requests over HTTPS
  • Enable SHA-2 support
    • Use Digest::SHA to provide support for sha1 and sha2 signing. SHA-2 is not officially part of the AS2 RFC specification but is commonly implemented in AS2 implementations.
  • Bugfixes to ensure communication compatibility
    • Tested communication with as2-server
    • Tested communication with RSSBus
  • Miscellaneous
    • Remove trailing whitespace
    • Remove use of experimental smartmatch feature
    • minor corrections of POD
    • Split up tests so that older Perl versions pass. This avoids some memory leak with Crypt::SMIME.
    • Add 2019 copyright
    • Update Maintainer information


AS2 Protocol implementation (RFC 4130) used in Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
Documents about Net::AS2 that does not fit the main document
UserAgent used for sending AS2 requests over HTTP.
UserAgent used for sending AS2 requests over HTTPS.
AS2 Message Deposition Notification
AS2 incoming message