Changes for version 0.40 - 2023-07-19

  • Add documentation that calling element_id() on nodes and relationships from Neo4j version 4 and earlier might change to become a fatal error.


Driver configuration options
Explains features that have been deprecated, but not yet removed
Explains the design of the networking modules
Information on planned improvements to Neo4j::Driver


Neo4j community graph database driver for Bolt and HTTP
HTTP network adapter for libwww-perl
Plug-in interface for Neo4j::Driver
Container for Cypher result values
Result of running a Cypher statement (a stream of records)
Details about the result of running a statement
Provides Neo4j server address and version
Context of work for database interactions
DEPRECATED (renamed to Neo4j::Driver::Result)
Statement statistics
Logical container for an atomic unit of work
Describes a node from a Neo4j graph
Directed sequence of relationships between two nodes
Represents a Neo4j spatial point value
Describes a relationship from a Neo4j graph
Represents a Neo4j temporal value


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