Module: 0.02
Description: generate word-find type puzzles from a list of words.

This module results from a one-off script I created some time ago
to generate word-find puzzles from my son's practice word lists
he received from school.

The design is perhaps sub-optimal, I've merely taken the
original one-off script and cobbled together a module out
of the puzzle generating bits, and added a couple things.

There is an included application script '' in the
examples directory.

Plain text puzzles and their solutions appear like:

                Words to Find:

      CAMEL           GREAT           LINUX
      LLAMA           PERL

                W Z J I Q X D L R M
                O K Z C S T E A O I
                C Z V Z A M P Y I M
                D Y P E A M D N I C
                W R R C T T V L F J
                A G W E L L R E P O
                F M A W L I N U X I
                A S A H Q R Q D U O
                S G R L F O U C G N
                V B Y B L K U F W I

                * * * * * * * L * *
                * * * * * T E * * *
                * * * * A M * * * *
                * * * E A * * * * *
                * * R C * * * * * *
                A G * * * L R E P *
                * M * * L I N U X *
                * * A * * * * * * *
                * * * L * * * * * *
                * * * * L * * * * *

latex puzzles are similarly formatted in a tabular environment
with \huge letters.

html puzzles are formatted using a <table> and a larger font
<...size=+5>. I don't use html all that often, and only added
this so that those without latex could still produce large puzzles
and open and print them from their browser---it may not be a good
example of html code.

    perl Makefile.PL
    make install

ought to do it for the module. See below for using the example script.

please see the embedded pod in and
for documentation.


To produce the above example:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use WordFind;
my @words = qw(linux perl camel llama great);
my $puzzle = WordFind->new({cols=>10});
print $puzzle->get_plain({solution=>1});

The example directory contains two scripts:  : a very simple example script which 
                 demonstrates using the module to
                 produce two plain-text puzzles a more elaborate script with embedded
                 documentation: allows various options and can
                 produce plain, latex or html formatted
                 puzzles.(see embedded pod for usage)

These example scripts have a C<use lib '../blib/lib';> line
near the you can try them out after doing a 'make'
and before 'make install'. Once everything is installed, simply
copy the script to somewhere in your PATH and remove
the C<use lib> line at the top.

   to create plain-text puzzles on stdout: foo bar baz -s foo bar baz

   to create a dvi file of a latex formatted puzzle
   in the default output file 'puzzle.dvi': -ds foo bar baz

The latex formatting uses quite large letters---this was
for a 6-year old after all---there is, as yet, no method for 
passing parameters to adjust letter size here, nor is there
for html puzzles. Hence, specifying much more than the default
10 column size will soon go beyond normal page widths.

Copyright: and are copyright (c) 1997,1998 Andrew L
Johnson. This is free software and you may redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Andrew L Johnson <>