Revision history for Perl extension Data::Range::Compare::Stream.

0.01  Thu Dec  8 17:10:58 2011
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AXc -n Data::Range::Compare::Stream

0.04  Thu Dec  22 
  -- Beteen 0.002 and 0.004 pod pod pod

0.05 Thu Dec 22
  -- More pod changes

0.06 Thu Dec 22
  -- More pod changes

  -- bug fix
    Consolidate results start and end values were invalid
  -- Pod Updates
  -- Added new Feature/Example

  -- No longer in the Alpha Stage, now considerd developed
  -- Pod changes most of the pod change are complete
  -- added more examples

  -- Changed the perl version required from perl 5.10 to 5.6.1
  -- added the layer cake example and modules
   -- Bug fix/Major change to internals for Compare
     -- get_next no longer makes calls to has_next
       This caused a race contition when sub classing the the compare interface.
  -- Added major documentation improvements, 
    what this package does should now be very clear ( I hope )
  -- Added to_string operator for Compare Result object

  -- Documentaion clean up.. still trying to explain things, more pod clean ups to come.

2.011 More pod clean ups.. more to come I'm sure.

2.012 More pod changes, should make sense now.. had a bunch of people review the docs and give input.

2.013 Cleaned up a long standing oops in the CookBook

  -- added missing example in the examples folder...

  -- Fixed prototype missmatch warning showing in tests versions of perl 5.6.2

  -- Pod fix ups
  -- Added 2 file iterator interfaces taken from the example folder as a base starting point
    1. Consolidator
    2. Iterator

  -- More pod fix ups.. more to come
  -- updated Data-Range-Compare-Stream-Sort.t  the code wasn't broken the tests were..
   perl versions prior to 5.8 used quick sort: The unit tests have been updated to reflect this.

  -- Updated some examples
  -- More pod fixups
  -- Added new Consolidate class
    The new class dynamically adds columns to the iterator object based on column overlaps!
  -- Added new Compare package
  -- Added new support classe(s)
  -- added new result sub classe(s)
  -- Most classes and pods have been extended and or updated, no compatibility changes, just added alot of what was missing

  -- More pod Fopas cleaned up.
  -- bug fix: did not call on_consolidate, this has been fixed

  -- More pod clean ups..
    SOME OME SAVE ME FROM THIS MONSTER KNOWN AS DOCUMENTATION!!!!  It feeds on my time, so much time!
  -- Bug fix: implemented the column id related interfaces in
  -- Added a true LayerCake example in the examples folder.
     -- Will make cookbook pod in a future release explaining it.

  -- added callback Data::Range::Compare::Stream* to support knowing when a range has been generated
  -- Changed the constructor arguments Compare/
  -- added ColumnRelations Features to Compare/
  -- Added several optimizations to the Comapre::Asc that should help when dealing with large numbers of columns
  -- Resovled race condition preventing root_id from being set in iterators when columns were auto generated
  -- Consolidate objects no longer support set_root_column_id
  -- Added a consolidator->consolidator fill missnig class
  -- Added support to Compare/ to allow for deletion of iterator objects.
  -- created new result base class
  -- updated iterator base classes and pods
  -- has been removed!
  -- Consolidate/ has 2 new is_missing is_generated along with an updated set of constructor arguments
  -- Add generated state for existing consolidator objects!

  -- all Consolidate iterators have been updated to allow any iterator as their argument
  -- added autosort option to Iterator/
  -- Stream.pod More updates
  -- FillMissing.pod updated
  -- Sort.pod updated
  -- So it seems Test::More has had some major changes made to it....
    most of the tests had to be updated to work around this.

  -- Added an on disk only merge sort iterator package
    this means you can sort massive files on distk now!

  -- Iterator::Base now supports call back handlers
    as a result all iterator objects now support thse call back handlers
  -- Iterator::File updates
    -- Now supports passing in the NEW_FROM class argument to the constructor
    -- also gains all the nifty new features from the base class!
  -- Added an iterator stack interface.
  -- added an on disck stack allowing for uber big work flows to be handled in temp files.
    why a 2nd stack objects? one is for iterators the other is for files..
  -- Compare::Asc 
     -- added on dead callback 
     --  added set_raw_result
     --  add get_raw_result
     --  delete_iterator bug fix( required for new interface>iterator_is_dead($id) ), no longer resets dead column
     --  add iterator_is_dead($id)
  -- Bug fix for windows: and resolved race condition that prevented temp files from being deleted!
  -- Pod clean ups for Compare::Result
  -- Added a BigFile Example to the examples folder

  -- Minor tweak to now only tries to close file handles it creates
  -- Added a base tempfile class
  -- Added tmpdir constructor argument to all classes that support temp files
  -- Cookook additions! YAY very long time in the making!
  -- Some pod clean ups 
  -- Finally implemented the Data::Range::Compare::Stream->boolean interface
  -- Added an Iterator::Validate package
  -- Added a to the examples folder.
  -- added to the examples folder
    The example shows how to compute events durring regular business hours excluding holidays.
  -- LayerCake added a new constructor argument filter=>undef|code_ref
   LayerCake may acutally get some use now.. who knows.

  -- Cookbook clean ups

-- In general, standardized the NEW_FROM new_from iterator interface options to factory_instance
  This fundimental change, can break compatibility with older code, so as a fair warning the version
  is being shifted to a 4.x generation release
  -- Added how to compare date ranges for overlaps example
    See the examples folder
  -- Added common argument to all iterator and compare objects factory_instance=>$instance
    This superceeds NEW_FROM and all of its misc incarnations.
  -- Added Data::Range::Compare::Stream::CallBack
    Supports using a callback hash in the constructor much like the original Data::Range::Compare.

-- Bug fishing?
   -- This release was added to help track down some odd unit test deaths on cpan for the new Dynamic range compare object

-- README and TODO updates ( wish list completed! )

-- Fixed bug 
  -- fixed: example code showing up in the pause index.