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Installation guide for Lab::Measurement
Tutorial on using the Lab::Measurement package stack
Generate a list of all plots defined in all metafiles of the current directory
Generate a LaTeX overview file with plots of all measurements in a directory
Show info from meta file.
Plot data with GnuPlot


bus base class
interactive debug bus
Oxford Instruments IsoBus bus
LinuxGPIB bus
RS232/RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol bus
RS232 or Virtual Comm port bus
IP socket as bus
LinuxGPIB bus
National Instruments VISA bus
connection base class
debug connection
base class for GPIB connections
IsoBus connection class which uses Lab::Bus::IsoBus as a backend.
connection class which uses LinuxGPIB (libgpib0) as a backend.
connection class for Lab::Bus::MODBUS_RS232
base class for RS232 connections
connection class which uses a so-called TCPraw connection
connection class which uses LinuxGPIB (libgpib0) as a backend.
VISA-type connection class which uses Lab::Bus::VISA and thus NI VISA (Lab::VISA) as a backend.
GPIB-type connection class which uses Lab::Bus::VISA and thus NI VISA (Lab::VISA) as a backend.
RS232-type connection class which uses Lab::Bus::VISA and thus NI VISA (Lab::VISA) as a backend.
Meta data for datasets
Plot data with Gnuplot
Write data to disk
Handle and store XML and perl data structures with precise declaration.
exception handling classes
instrument base class
HP/Agilent/Keysight 34410A or 34411A digital multimeter
HP/Agilent 34420A or 34421A digital multimeter
Cryogenic SMS120 superconducting magnet supply
Dummy voltage source
HP/Agilent 34401A digital multimeter
HP/Agilent 34420A digital multimeter
Agilent 3458A Multimeter
HP 83732A Series Synthesized Signal Generator
Oxford Instruments IPS Magnet Power Supply
Oxford Instruments ITC Intelligent Temperature Control
Keithley 2000 digital multimeter
Keithley 2400 digital multimeter
Knick S 252 DC source
Lakeshore 33x Temperature controller
MG369xB Series Signal Generator
base class for magnet power supply instruments
Generic digital multimeter interface
Oxford Instruments ILM Intelligent Level Meter
Oxford Instruments IPS series superconducting magnet supply
Oxford Instruments ITC503 Intelligent Temperature Control
Oxford Instruments Mercury Cryocontrol
Oxford Instruments Triton DR Control
42mm stepper motor with integrated controller/driver
Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A Signal Generator
Stanford Research SR830 Lock-In Amplifier
Aux Inputs of the Stanford Research SR830 Lock-In Amplifier.
Aux Outputs of the Stanford Research SR830 Lock-In Amplifier.
base class for voltage source instruments
Spectrum Analyzer with SCPI command set
Temperature Control Interface for our Oxford Dilution Fridge
ABB TRMC2 temperature controller
base class for temperature control instruments
Electronic process controller TLKA41/42/43 (SIKA GmbH)
Agilent U2000 series USB Power Sensor
Yokogawa 7651 DC source
Yokogawa GS200 DC source
Log, describe and plot data on the fly
Match SCPI headers and parameters against keywords.
magnetic field sweep
stepper motor sweep
base class for Sweeps
simple time controlled repeater
Plot data with Gnuplot


in lib/Lab/MultiChannelInstrument.pm
in lib/Lab/Connection/Socket.pm
in lib/Lab/Data/PDL.pm
in lib/Lab/Exception/Base.pm
in lib/Lab/Generic.pm
in lib/Lab/Generic/CLOptions.pm
in lib/Lab/GenericIO.pm
in lib/Lab/GenericIO/STDerrHandle.pm
in lib/Lab/GenericIO/STDoutHandle.pm
in lib/Lab/GenericSignals.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data/Debug.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data/Error.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data/Error.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data/Error.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data/Message.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data/Message.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Data/Warning.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Interface.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Interface/Term.pm
in lib/Lab/IO/Interface/Void.pm
in lib/Lab/Instrument/AH2700A.pm
in lib/Lab/Instrument/LabViewHeater.pm
in lib/Lab/Instrument/Lakeshore224.pm
in lib/Lab/Instrument/ProStep4.pm
in lib/Lab/Instrument/TemperatureDiode.pm
in lib/Lab/Instrument/TemperatureDiode/SI420.pm
in lib/Lab/Instrument/Vectormagnet.pm
in lib/Lab/Measurement/KeyboardHandling.pm
in lib/Lab/Measurement/Ladediagramm.pm
in lib/Lab/MultiChannelInstrument.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Data/XPRESS_DataFile.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Data/XPRESS_dataset.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Data/XPRESS_logger.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Data/XPRESS_plotter.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Sweep/DietersCrazyTempSweep.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Sweep/Dummy.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Xpression/PlotterGUI.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/hub.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Xpression/PlotterGUI_bidirectional.pm
in lib/Lab/XPRESS/Xpression/bidirectional_gnuplot_pipe.pm