Array::Lookup, version 2.3, is a Perl 5 module which performs a search through
an array of strings, allowing for abbreviation of the search key.

The Lookup subroutine is especially handy for doing keyword lookups in
an array or hash table, where the keyword may be abbreviated.  Exact
matches are give priority over abbreviated matches. 

The module has embedded POD text with which man or HTML pages can be

For detailed usage information, including examples, you can do:

    pod2man | nroff -man 

The module is accompanied with a Perl Makefile.PL, this README, a 
test program (, a reference test output file, and the GNU 
License, under which this software is freely available.

To download the software:

   git clone
   cd array-lookup

Or, if you have downloaded the tar archive, following this procedure:

    gunzip Array-Lookup-2.3.tar.gz
    tar xvf Array-Lookup-2.3.tar
    cd Array-Lookup-2.3

Then, within the distribution directory, do:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install

The archives are available at the usual CPAN sites.  You can get 
to your nearest CPAN site via:

Contributions or improvements are welcome.
Alan Stebbens <>