Array::PrintCols, version 2.6, is a Perl module which defines a
subroutine to print arrays of elements in alphabetically,
vertically sorted columns.  Optional arguments can be given to
control either the width or number of the columns, the total width
of the output, and the amount of indentation.

Release 2.2 includes prototype definitions for format_cols and
print_cols, and improved testing, based on the Test::More module.

Release 2.1 included: a new routine, "format_cols", which returns
the formatted result as a string (thanks to Gisle Aas
<> for the suggestion); some slight changes to the
test routine; some improvements to the documentation.

The module has embedded POD text with which man or HTML pages can be

For detailed usage information, you can do:

    pod2man | nroff -man 

The module is accompanied with Makefile.PL, this README, a test
program, reference test output files, under the "tests" directory,
and the GNU License, under which this software is freely

To install the software:

	perl -MCPAN -e 'install Array::PrintCols'

or (the "old" way):

	gunzip Array-PrintCols-2.6.tar.gz
	tar xvf Array-PrintCols-2.6.tar
	cd Array-PrintCols-2.6
	perl Makefile.PL
	make install

The archives are available at the nearest CPAN site
(, under the directory "modules/Array".

Contributions or improvements are welcome.
Alan K. Stebbens       <>