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Revision history for Perl extension RIFF::Info.

1.07  Added expectedsize() method that returns the expected size of the RIFF
      file from the RIFF header.  This can be used to determine if you have
      the entire file (n.tropie).
1.06  Added afrequency() method for retrieving audio channel sampling rate
      information (Corren Vorwerk)
      No longer using because of problems with ActiveState Perl
      (Alex Polomski)
1.05  Added duration() method that was missing
      arate() now returns audio bitrate, it was giving samplerate before
      Internal method closures dropped.  Now depend on Video::Info.
      Added fourcc() method for determining RIFF fourcc value.

1.04  Moved audio codec methods to Video::Info

1.03  Minor internal changes.  No API changes.

1.02  Moving to a more standard API.  Arguments to the constructor
      must now be labeled, i.e.
1.01  Thu Jan 17 21:05:41 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
		-X RIFF::Info