Alberto Simões 🐪


  • cwb-align-import - Import existing sentence alignment into a CWB corpus
  • cwb-make - Automated indexing and compression for CWB corpora
  • cwb-regedit - A simple command-line editor for CWB registry files


  • Alt::CWB::ambs - A CPAN distribution of CWB
  • CWB - Perl toolbox for the IMS Corpus Workbench
  • CWB::CEQL - The Common Elementary Query Language for CQP front-ends
  • CWB::CEQL::Parser - Deterministic Perl parser for simplified query languages
  • CWB::CEQL::String - String-like objects with category information (as return values of DPP rules)
  • CWB::CQP - Interact with a CQP process running in the background
  • CWB::Encoder - Perl tools for encoding and indexing CWB corpora