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Revision history for ExtUtils-AutoConf

0.01_001  2005, 10 February

	- Added 'check_prog' method to check for executable program (see POD)
	- Added 'check_progs' method to check for a list of programs (see POD)
	- Added 'check_prog_awk' method to check for an awk implementation (see POD)
	- Added 'check_prog_egrep' method to check for an egrep implementation (see POD)

0.01      2005, 14 January

	- first indexable version -- I need to use this module somewhere else;
	- using ExtUtils::CBuilder to compile test;

0.00_002  2005, 3 January

	- version correcting test for Mac OS-X (thanks, Michael Schwern);
	- using Config module to get CC value and EXE extension;
	- using ExtUtils::CBuilder (well take advantage of it later);

0.00_001  2004, a lot of time ago

       	- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.