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Changes for version 0.68

  • Replacement for islower() which understands all Unicode 6.2.0 chars with "LOWERCASE" property. Now we can detect prefices not just in ASCII ... this also seems to have fixed the strange windows XP test failures, probably due to undefined islower(). See RT #92864
  • Fixed strange problem with Solaris coredumping due to 0.67 changes.
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  • bt_format_names - formatting BibTeX names for consistent output
  • bt_input - input/parsing functions in btparse library
  • bt_language - the BibTeX data language, as recognized by btparse
  • bt_macros - accessing and manipulating the btparse macro table
  • bt_misc - miscellaneous BibTeX-like string-processing utilities
  • bt_post_processing - post-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries
  • bt_postprocess - post-processing of BibTeX strings, values, and entries
  • bt_split_names - splitting up BibTeX names and lists of names
  • bt_traversal - AST traversal/query functions in btparse library
  • btool_faq - Frequently-Asked Questions about btparse and Text::BibTeX
  • btparse - C library for parsing and processing BibTeX data files