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AMD OSRC (AMD Operating System Research Center)
tapper-mcp-daemonize - cmdline frontend to Tapper::MCP::Master
tapper-mcp-daemonize - cmdline frontend to Tapper::MCP::Master/daemonize
Tapper::MCP - Tapper - Central master control program of Tapper automation
Tapper::MCP::Child - Control one specific testrun on MCP side
Tapper::MCP::Master - Wait for new testruns and start a new child when needed
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Algorithm - name of the queue has to be unique
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Algorithm::WFQ - Scheduling algorithm "Weighted Fair Queueing"
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Builder - Generate Testruns
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::Controller - Main class of the scheduler
Tapper::MCP::Scheduler::PrioQueue - Object for test queue abstraction
Tapper::MCP::Startup - the central "Master Control Program" starter
Changes for version 4.0.2
    • timeout handling bit more lax to adapt PRC timing changes
    • log files during test

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