Welcome to the Newt library


Newt is a perl library built on top of Red Hat's newt C library for
text screen widgets. It allows a perl programer to build simple but
effective text-mode user interfaces with little effort.

It is very usable because it has complete support for all widgets
found in newt 0.30, and provides a nice abstraction over the C
interface. Documentation is mostly complete, but I'm sure its

To do

Well, correct any bugs, of course, but I'm mostly concern by the fact
that AutoSplit won't split Newt.pm in perl versions below 5.002. If
you can help me to fix this, I'll be grateful.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.


You need perl 5.002_02 in order to compile this, and just because old
AutoSplit modules will reject the use of multiple packages in one
module. Perhaps I should fix this to work on older perls, don't know.
You also need a correctly installed slang library version 0.99, and a
popt library 1.1.x to compile this software. There are rpms for this
in your favorite repository.

How to install

Unpack your distribution on some directory, then cd to it and issue
the following commands:

   $ perl Makefile.PL
   $ make 
   $ make test
   $ make install

Help wanted!

If you have any ideas, patches or anything, please send them to me