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Changes for version 2.47

  • Deprecated Hypnotoad configuration files in favor of more powerful application configuration files.
  • Deprecated Mojo::Server::Daemon->prepare_ioloop in favor of Mojo::Server::Daemon->start.
  • Deprecated Mojo::Headers->x_forwarded_for.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL config method to Mojo.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL ca attribute to Mojo::UserAgent.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL drain event to Mojo::Content.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL drain event to Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL support for RSV1-3 flags to Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL tls_ca option to Mojo::IOLoop::Client->connect.
  • Added lock_timeout parameter to Hypnotoad.
  • Removed experimental status from JSON Pointer support.
  • Removed Cygwin exception from Hypnotoad.
  • Replaced drop_handle and drop_timer methods in Mojo::IOWatcher with drop method.
  • Renamed change and watch methods in Mojo::IOWatcher to watch and io.
  • Renamed resume and pause methods in Mojo::IOLoop::Server to start and stop.
  • Renamed resume and pause methods in Mojo::IOLoop::Stream to start and stop.
  • Added pdf MIME type. (bfaist)
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved tests.
  • Improved CSS of some built-in templates.
  • Fixed bug that prevented newer dual-life modules to be loaded.
  • Fixed small bug in Mojo::IOLoop::Stream that caused close events to fail sometimes.
  • Fixed small relative URL detection bug in get command.
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