2008-03-02  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig.7os6VVqR@franz.ak.mind.de>

	* release 0.5201

	* add a License

	* address RT#4926: followed a suggestion by DJBURKE to use
	UNIVERSAL::isa instead of ref() to check for IO::Handle

2003-02-08  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* lib/Convert/UU.pm: Integrated a patch sent by Silvester Erdeg to
	accept filenames with spaces in them. Apologies to him and all the
	others who sent in patch suggestions that it took so long to mak a
	new release.

	* Pierre Vanhove sent me an example file that was decoded by
	uudecode with error message "Short file" which then resulted in
	garbage bytes at the end of the decoded file. Appending the
	unneeded line C< ` > before the C< end > tag seems to fix this

1999-05-10  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* Harald Joerg C<E<lt>Harald.Joerg@mch.sni.de$<gt>> sent me a
	patch to add binmode to the filehandles that are used, so the
	whole thing works on Windows.

	* Modernized the Makefile.PL to use fixin() instead of writing the
	EXE_FILES "by hand".

1997-02-07  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* Further investigation of the warning I "fixed" yesterday. Added
	tests for a trailing empty string in the last line of the
	uuencoded string and for a zero in the last line of the uudecoded
	string. Found the bug in the code that skipped lines starting with
	a "#". Allowing such lines fixed a long standing bug.

1997-02-06  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* Thanks to Kurtis D. Rader <krader@sequent.com> who describes
	that a uuencoded chunk that consists of nothing but backtick
	triggers a "Use of uninitialized variable" warning. Although I'd
	like to see it as a bug in perl this version takes precautions to
	avoid the warning.

1997-11-25  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* Updated to perl5.004 using m//gc instead of s///.

	* Using binmode() for filehandles to (hopefully) make it work on
	Non-UNIX systems (Thanks to Bill Baxter <bill@visix.com> for the

1997-02-10  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* Integrated a patch by leachcj@bp.com that allows array
	references being passed to uudecode.

1996-02-19  Andreas J. Koenig  <andreas.koenig@anima.de>

	* original version; created by h2xs 1.16

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