2008-11-27  k

	* ready for the next release
	* for the first time we need the same trick we had already used in
	  perlpatch2svn: write a APC-broken file out of the memory
	* current real state of my examples

2008-08-24  k

	* current state

2008-08-03  k

	* current state

2008-06-28  k

	* cleanup
	* quick hack to get an overview over unbaked patches

2008-04-29  k

	* trying to get rid of another file in one of the two patches
	* trying to get rid of two "reverse" patches
	* current state of (maintained) example files
	* it seems we have not tested for 5.9.0 correctly and it needs
	  additional code

2008-03-22  k

	* update the axamples to my current practice
	* let binsearch always ask for --writedotpatch when calling
	  buildaperl, really helps keeping track

2008-03-16  k

	* trivial smoker maintainance

2008-03-08  k

	* prepare a stable release; the eg directory sees new BBC
	  breakpoints and an overhaul of the Makefile

2008-02-22  k

	* prepare a dev release
	* add proper descriptions to all tests
	* new potentially interesting breakpoint

2008-02-16  k

	* small doc fixes during a trainride; notes about how the 5.10.1
	  track should be supported

2008-02-12  k

	* blah

2008-02-06  k

	* sleep more between build sessions
	* stop promoting some very old perls because we rarely need them
	* notes about todos/bug fixes
	* two bugfixes at once: must set environment LANG to C to make sure
	  we get the right messages from make; must verify if we have a
	  file and return the relative path to it

2008-01-25  k

	* Property set for release after_284
	* about to release

2008-01-23  k

	* Phillippe has established an "additional_tarballs/" directory

2008-01-20  k

	* Property set for release after_281
	* missing PREREQ_PM on version.pm
	* signature stuff
	* * Changes
	  - doc me
	  * Makefile.PL
	  - new dependency on Module::CoreList
	  - adjust to the new prerequisites with a link to
	  * README.additional_tarballs
	  - new file describing the manual tweaks necessary to get the
	  for additional tarballs working
	  * Releasenotes
	  - removed
	  * eg/Makefile
	  - get rid of the copy-links option and suggest better rsync
	  * lib/Perl/Repository/APC/BAP.pm
	  - support additional tarballs
	  - rename variables for better self-documentation
	  - adjust docs
	  * lib/Perl/Repository/APC.pm
	  - add metadata about all 15 tarballs that were not supported by
	  APC repository
	  - add support for the 15
	  - adjust the internal datastructure in a backwards incompatible
	  (hence the version jump) and adjust all methods to understand it
	  - new routine get_diff_dir() because now diff directory and
	  perl can be different
	  * scripts/buildaperl
	  - harvest the 5th return value of P:R:BAP::translate to find
	  additional tarballs
	  - rename a few variables to be easier to understand
	  * scripts/apc-overview
	  - adjust to the new internal structures of the P:R:APC module
	  - improve Usage messages
	  * scripts/patchaperlup
	  - reduce the noise produced during normal use
	  * t/bap.t
	  * t/apc.t
	  - improve the tests and rename variables to make them better
	  readable; add a test for 5.9 and patchlevel 30000

2008-01-19  k

	* stealing cosmetic changes from the CPAN.pm repo
	* taking notes about the current state before; small doc fixes

2008-01-03  k

	* Property set for release after_275
	* prepare release

2007-11-11  k

	* Property set for release after_273
	* prepare a release
	* fix missing commas
	* more exceptions from the cleanup routine
	* tiny simplification in the manpage

2007-11-10  k

	* check the return value of the prep script and retry to run it if
	  it fails (3x)
	* be more verbose so we can spot the bug next time

2007-11-02  k

	* comment on looping
	* make sure that prep script runs after a buildnext() run
	* unneeded whitespace change that just happened
	* exempt plenty of perls from being removed by thinnerrepo
	* publish the repo in META.yml
	* sorted CONFIG options; disable trimtrees because it is inherently

2007-09-09  k

	* stop linking empty files
	* start using relocatableinc

2007-08-12  k

	* Property set for release after_258
	* preparing a release
	* create the .patch later otherwise it will be deleted
	* buildaperl: implement writedotpatch; patchaperlup: cosmetics
	* patchaperlup: implement writedotpatch
	* re-indent
	* move subroutines together and write a large block around MAIN; no
	  functional change

2007-07-22  k

	* make the most important pairs of patch neighbors undeleteable

2007-07-10  k

	* Property set for release after_250
	* prepare new release
	* applied a patch by Father Chrysotstomos to better integrate with
	  gzcat which is often available on OSX
	* do not delete very young directories, somebody might still need
	  them right now
	* improve disgnostice
	* personally I need to reduce the number of perls on stick from
	  1024 to 768 because they get bigger with 1260 modules

2007-05-02  k

	* blah

2007-04-24  k

	* Property set for release after_243
	* prepare a new release

2007-03-07  k

	* blah

2007-02-18  k

	* blah

2007-02-14  k

	* Property set for release after_239
	* fix a badly constructed test

2007-02-12  k

	* Property set for release after_237
	* add Changes
	* prereq Digest::MD5 added

2007-02-11  k

	* Property set for release after_234
	* s/Releasenotes/Changes/

2007-02-10  k

	* adjust wording to my current taste; disable the 99999 hack when
	  --exact-bounds is given
	* fix binsearch to take the highest perl we have if the upper bound
	  is even higher (allow for 99999)
	* remove an unneeded concurrency blocker (which probably was not
	  even working correctly)
	* chmod the temporary directory in the cache to 0755
	* remove the code that stops to ask for confirmation just because
	  it is a testfile being removed

2007-01-25  k

	* blah

2007-01-02  k

	* blah

2006-12-01  k

	* the semi had to go for a &&

2006-11-30  k

	* for the first time we have a makefile that builds bleadperl AND a
	  CPAN megainstall with one make command
	* bug workaround for a few hours disabled again because the cause
	  is fixed
	* keep output in a file with timestamp and add the -b switch to
	  rsync so we can always see what exactly has changed when a patch
	  gets remastered
	* prepare a change if we need to change the -p swich occasionally

2006-10-22  k

	* improve the coverage
	* improve kwalitee by adding license stuff

2006-10-20  k

	* no default for PERL_REPOSITORY_APC_REPO anymore, now distroprefs
	  is used to set the value
	* in trimtrees we were always testing with a wrong perl

2006-09-28  k

	* blah

2006-09-10  k

	* Property set for release after_215

2006-09-09  k

	* patch 28791 introduced a zero length file and we knoe no way to
	  create it

2006-08-19  k

	* blah

2006-04-14  k

	* blah

2006-02-25  k

	* Property set for release after_211
	* MM version
	* make the Makefile.PL more similar to the one in CPAN.pm: I just
	  made a distro with old SIG -- AGAIN!
	* Property set for release after_208
	* copying MANIFEST seems nosense because it is a link???
	* Property set for release after_206
	* copying META.yml seems nosense because it is a link???
	* Property set for release after_204
	* copying SIGNATURE seems nosense because it is a link???
	* Property set for release after_202
	* make svn deprecation more visible; add version testing to
	  t/script; do not test the svn scripts anymore; add the version
	  option to apc-overview
	* makethe deprecation mor visible
	* trying to skip over sv.h#252 in everything but in 27297
	* bleadperl 27302 was a straight reverse and -N was inappropriate
	* make the _arg variables look alike
	* reveal more switched to patchlevel.h

2006-02-05  k

	* we did the CP stuff twice, in distdir and release; the former
	  should do
	* Property set for release after_194
	* SUPER without package does not work
	* MY:: and a comment why the distdir target is there
	* Property set for release after_191
	* ahh, I missed the SIGN => 1 stuff in the Makefile.PL!
	* Property set for release after_189
	* remove the sign target from the dist target; adding distdir stuff
	  from CPAN.pm without recognizing what exactly it does: the last
	  release contained a wrong signature and I need to make sure that
	  this does not happen again
	* Property set for release after_187
	* add a signature test

2006-02-04  k

	* Property set for release after_185
	* trial and error whats going on with make release
	* Property set for release after_183
	* trial and error whats going on with make release
	* Property set for release after_181
	* trial and error whats going on with make release; adding
	* Property set for release after_179
	* how crazy to find a bug immediately after uploading
	* Property set for release after_177
	* typo in release target
	* Property set for release after_175
	* introduce the release target; fix the script.t test to accept
	  --help as an alternative to --h
	* Property set for release after_173
	* add the cachefilter option to binsearchaperl; add entry to the
	  FAQ about Module::CoreList; write a nicer ChangeLog file

2006-01-02  k

	* simple script to let an installed perl live in a different

2005-12-03  k

	* blah

2005-11-30  k

	* Property set for release after_169
	* forgot t/pod.t in the manifest
	* Property set for release after_167
	* MANIFEST, Releasenotes: Add Releasenotes
	  eg/trimtrees.pl: Add workaround bug in File::Compare
	* add a Test::Pod test

2005-11-18  k

	* now he dies are also dumpvalued
	* count $usedspc correctly when a file is not readable, extend
	  tests to control the effect at least viaually
	* counting also files we cannot read
	* improve error messages with dumpvalue against strange filenames
	  and more $!; spotted a missing close; added tests against the
	  error messages except for the compare message because I cannot
	  produce it (yet)

2005-11-17  k

	* one nice senence fr the docs
	* extend the maxlinks semantics to let us prepare a linktree to a
	  subsequent cp -al

2005-11-16  k

	* add getopt to the testscript so we an use it to test maxlinks

2005-11-12  k

	* trimtrees.t ready for release as testscript
	* maxversion supported via --maxlinks, defaults to off; bug fixed
	  in maxlinks in that only the number of links on $first is
	  relevant, not the sum of links on $first plus number of links on
	  $cand; replace several returns with gotos because return misses
	  the xreport
	* Functionally equivalent to Erik's version but with minimal
	  difference to my revision 154 and with a simple option to turn
	  maxversion support off
	* Eriks version as of 2005-11-10

2005-11-10  k

	* simplify with File::Temp but still no proper test
	* factor out xreport
	* off by one error
	* just an idea for a test script, not yet good for distributing
	* shake out the bug with "too many links" error condition; this the
	  version I sent to Erik Schnetter
	* appplied patch by Eric Schnetter that prevents a failure on
	  ReiserFS when some limit on the number of hard links is reached
	  (2^16 about)

2005-08-30  k

	* blah

2005-08-09  k

	* Property set for release after_146
	* now it was my bug to forget a -v
	* I think I found the culprit, I believe that svn output has
	* there must have gone something wrong between 132 and now because
	  APC.pm does not have the cpan:release property set higher than
	* except that a German locale also introduces German strings, sorry
	* without locale setting svn still writes weird log output
	* now the ChangeLog was sorted from 1 ascending
	* still missed how to get a correct ChangeLog
	* fighting against setversion
	* chlog target did not reflect the really very latest checkin, only
	  up to the version of the current directoy
	* update for a more recent svn version
	* exempt symlinks from trimtrees.pl; patch courtesy Marko Mäkelä

2005-06-23  k

	* blah

2005-04-02  k

	* nothing spectacular, just what cumulated over time while I forgot
	  to checkin

2004-04-19  k

	* Warning more explicit/educative when patchls not found
	  The eg/Makefile did not rsync old stuff

2003-09-14  k

	* Property set for release after_131
	* binsearchaperl: also needed a special case for 5.6.2
	* rm-rf-allbutlatest.pl: was only keeping one maint directory, now
	  keeps one per perl-base-version
	* eg/Makefile: forgot to rsync the 5.6.2 sources
	* BUGS: explain the situation for the record
	  perlpatch2svn: fix the special case 5.6.2
	  apc2svn: ditto
	  eg/Makefile: start building 5.6.2 to see how it goes
	* perlpatch2svn: cosmetics as preparation
	* Wrote short explanation of the workaround in rev 124 to the BUGS
	* Found some duct tape to let the 5.6.2/3 branching problem
	  This is a temporary fix, it cries for a solution within the APC.
	  BAP.pm: special-case the "maint-5.6/perl-5.6.2" branch
	  APC.pm: identify the maint-5.6/perl-5.6.2 branch
	  apc-overview: new printf to align the output
	  eg/Makefile: my personal prefs changed again

2003-09-08  k

	* binsearchaperl: downgrade a die to a warn for the case we find an
	  installed-perl/... directory without a perl binary
	  apc2svn: doc patches
	  eg/Makefile: introduce the -Dnoextensions option to safe time

2003-09-06  k

	* Property set for release after_121
	* perlpatch2svn: cosmetics
	* Clean up all the debugging noise and add a --debug switch to
	  apc2svn. Remove the "no svn test" bug from the BUGS file. Clean
	  up svn.t as well.
	  Ready for a release with the directory removal bug in apc2svn

2003-09-05  k

	* vn.t: just commenting and disabling the test again
	* svn.t: tweak until we see the bug reproduced
	  APC2SVN.pm: get rid of double negation
	  perlpatch2svn: make open3 usage & debugging cleaner

2003-09-04  k

	* svn.t: make it useable but disable it for all users (too slow)
	  buildaperl: fix an updir bug, rename variale "this" to "dir"
	  perlpatch2svn: comment extensively the bug we were trying to fix
	* svn.t: just comments
	  APC2SVN.pm: introduce global variable $DEBUG
	  perlpatch2svn: make the svn up conditional, not mandatory
	* bap.t: cosmetic change
	  svn.t: small progress, still not useful
	  APC2SVN.pm: more debug info output which needs to be eliminated
	  APC.pm: silence an unini warning
	  perlpatch2svn: insert a mandatory "svn up" to see if that fixes

2003-09-03  k

	* svn.t: skeleton of a new test which does nothing yet
	  MANIFEST: add svn.t
	  APC2SVN.pm: more debugging output
	* BUGS: talk about missing tests
	  APC2SVN.pm: the now added deletes needed to be sorted
	  perlpatch2svn: add some "mysqystem" noise to make debugging
	  apc2svn: add locatime to mysystem output
	  FAQ: harmless tweak

2003-09-02  k

	* * APC2SVN.pm:
	  -- switch back to the unless or not style because the other
	  variant misbehaved
	  -- glob yourself, do not let the shell do it, because the
	  shell globbing will transmit a star if there is no match
	  -- delete_empty_dirs now also returns the names of the
	  so that the caller can add them to the targets array
	  * perlpatch2svn:
	  -- add the return value of delete_empty_dirs to the @targets
	  but filter such that no repetitions occur
	* APC2SVN.pm: cleanup before debugging
	  perlpatch2svn: cleanup before debugging
	  Both get more labels, shorthands for complicated logic, short
	* APC2SVN.pm: fixing a case of unini warning
	* Add a BUGS file and confess that 5.6.2 doesn't work
	* Makefile.PL: add PREREQ_PM
	  buildaperl: fail a bit more verbosely (might need even more)
	  apc2svn: sort the options, add option bounds
	  FAQ: add a note about portability
	  eg/Makefile: add a note about --copy-links

2003-08-15  k

	* Property set for release after_106

2003-08-14  k

	* podifying
	* Code reformatting, remove unused code
	* User feedback more sensible
	* better selfdescribing variable names
	* Fix the extreme case where the cache is on multiple partitions
	* tempdir didn't cleanup completely

2003-08-13  k

	* Property set for release after_99
	* Fix a race condition so that unlimited instances of buildaperl
	  can run simultaneously.

2003-08-11  k

	* Property set for release after_97
	* It's not easy to do it in the right sequence: META.yml, SIG,
	* Property set for release after_95
	* MANIFEST.SKIP didn't allow the other distribution here
	* Property set for release after_93
	* cp -v into DISTVNAME doesn't work anymore, it is a link now
	* Property set for release after_91
	* My ChangeLog was not in MANIFEST, cpansign complains
	* Property set for release after_89
	* bap.t: Test was out of sync with reality and a bug was hiding
	  for quite a while
	  apc.t: Change the default path to the repository
	  MANIFEST: add META.yml and SIGNATURE and all that
	  BAP.pm: documentation was also not reflecting reality
	  Makefile.PL: support META.yml and SIGNATURE
	  MANIFEST.SKIP: up to reality
	* only keep 50 perls in cache
	* cleanup the grown eg directory
	* add some small tools to the eg directory

2003-08-03  k

	* Allow perl-0@1 as it is the beginning of the repository, first
	* buildaperl: make sure that $lev is > 0 if it is given as argument
	* Parse the output of make and work around the <built-in> problem
	  that old perls have with new gccs

2003-07-16  k

	* better reporting through $0
	  new option --die-on-error

2003-05-01  k

	* Property set for release after_80
	* * binsearchaperl
	  -- fix --prep switch to also act for the middle perl.
	  * fix FAQ where the --prep switch needs to be mentioned.
	* * BAP.pm
	  -- rename variable $last to $prev
	  -- improve error message "patch $lev is not part..." to show
	  * Makefile.PL
	  -- Do not use svnversion for a single file (not supported anymore
	  from subversion)
	  * binsearchaperl
	  -- introduce --prep switch to e.g. install modules
	  * small FAQ tweaking
	  * eg/Makefile now works with --copy-links

2003-03-13  k

	* Property set for release after_77
	* Makefile.PL: workaround broken svnversion
	* Property set for release after_75
	* Property set for release after_74
	* apc2svn: add an argument check to myls

2003-03-12  k

	* APC2SVN.pm: make a warning look less severe
	* perlpatch2svn: tiny doc patch
	* perlpatch2svn: whitespace only patch; fix indenting
	* * perlpatch2svn:
	  -- include branch in $0
	* * apc2svn:
	  -- usage fix File::Spec
	* * perlpatch2svn:
	  -- fixed a bug in filtering out patches from wrong branches
	  -- support for skipping unneeded patches
	  -- Assign to $0 the current status
	  -- use File::Temp for TMPLOGFILE
	  * apc2svn:
	  -- check for makepatch version > 2.0
	  -- use File::Temp for temporary files and remove them when not
	  needed anymore

2003-03-09  k

	* Property set for release after_66
	* * FAQ:
	  --broke the FAQ out of the binsearchaperl manpage and made it a
	  standalown document.
	  * lots of small changes to the documentation
	  * all scripts now have the --h switch which always exits with
	  status 0

2003-03-08  k

	* Property set for release after_64
	* * eg/Makefile
	  -- rewritten to only connect once
	  * binsearchaperl
	  -- add to the FAQ question about incomplete mirror of repository
	  * perlpatch2svn:
	  -- patch from Rafael: add encoding=latin1 to the commit
	  * SVN2APC.pm:
	  -- prototype all functions, C< dir_will_be_empty > was called as
	  * apc2svn:
	  -- die on more system() fails. We were too tolerant, we may still
	  too tolerant.

2003-03-02  k

	* Property set for release after_62
	* * binsearchaperl:
	  -- argument validation on --branch
	  -- allow --bounds lower-upper with lower==upper, useful for
	  -- fixed a few off-by-one errors in the --bounds logic
	  -- exit instead of die when maxbuild is reached
	  -- added a FAQ section to the manpage; first FAQ is about

2003-03-01  k

	* * buildaperl:
	  -- assign to $0 as soon as branch and level are known
	  -- ./Configure cannot be run when execute bit isn't set. Let's
	  sh Configure instead.
	  -- and use './perl installperl' instead of './installperl'
	  -- shorten too long lines
	  -- Switch from ${} to $() for nmake
	  -- File::Spec'd
	  -- now the default target does nothing to protect the innocent
	  * Gross File::Spec'ing of several scripts and modules, but given
	  up as
	  I cannot test anywhere but on Linux
	  * patchaperlup
	  -- "--start 0" didn't understand that the argument was actually
	  Checking for definedness now instead of truth.
	  * binsearchaperl:
	  -- didn't recognize perl-0@60 as a perl directory in
	  -- made formatting of final message in case of identical results
	  more readable

2003-02-27  k

	* * APC.pm:
	  -- confess instead of die for better debugging
	  * binsearchaperl:
	  -- remove unused C<use Cwd>
	  -- more helpful error messages if installed-perls is still sparse
	  -- buildnext now checks if $next is valid and helps user if not
	  -- more helpful messages wrt %NOSUCCESS
	  -- move informational messages to STDERR, only expected things go
	  to STDOUT
	  -- switch to trying random middle points when we have encountered
	  "no success": it's too likely the neighbors won't compile either
	  -- assign to $0 where we are currently search
	  * buildaperl:
	  -- relative pathnames in prefix need to be composed to absolute
	  because we are in the wrong directory when using the argument.
	  * Makefile.PL:
	  -- fix an "uninitialized" warning

2003-02-26  k

	* Property set for release after_58
	* * README:
	  -- rewrite in 2-column-mode.
	* * patchaperlup
	  -- adjust the format of warnings to be consistent
	  -- do not try Changes at all if --start option is given

2003-02-25  k

	* Property set for release after_55
	* Makefile.PL: more documentation
	* Property set for release after_53
	* Makefile.PL: add documentation of the svn tricks
	* Property set for release after_51
	  * Makefile.PL
	  -- new tricks with svnversion to keep APC.pm at the leading edge
	  * all *.pm files have again $Rev tricks to determine $VERSION
	* Testing svn rules in Makefile.PL
	* Makefile.PL: add Rafael's URL
	* * binsearchaperl:
	  -- new option --show-cache
	  * Makefile.PL:
	  -- more appropriate die message when --setversion is active
	  * apc2svn:
	  -- trim the output
	* Makefile.PL: die later if version_diff
	* APC2SVN.pm: unmatched =back
	* buildaperl: tweaking the Info line
	* * all *.pm:
	  -- hardcode the version number and let it be written by the
	  "setversion" rule in the Makefile
	  * APC2SVN.pm:
	  -- import dirname. This was lost on the transition to APC2SVN
	  -- remove some overly verbose output
	  * Makefile.PL:
	  -- remove the crufty verifyversion in favor of setversion:
	  subversion set the version number is not very CPAN-friendly.
	  People may not notice updated versions because we only changed a
	  script. As a bonus we get VERSION_FROM back.
	  * buildaperl:
	  -- patchlevel.h above 18749 now used for adding a comment
	  * apc2svn:
	  -- trim verbosity
	  -- the '#line 4' trick to have always correct line numbers

2003-02-24  k

	* * BAP.pm:
	  -- also return the first patch so that buildaperl can construct
	  --start option
	  -- left-trim the long status line that echos the path to each
	  -- always construct the --start option
	  -- mention ccache in the documentation
	  -- do not discourage apc2svn that strongly

2003-02-20  k

	* * added APC2SVN.pm, perlpatch2svn, and apc2svn
	* * added APC2SVN.pm, perlpatch2svn, and apc2svn
	* Makefile.PL: fixing verifyversion
	* Makefile.PL: verifyversion before dist

2003-02-18  k

	* * APC.pm
	  -- bug in closest() when $wanted argument is 0
	  * apc.t
	  -- test for the bug above
	  -- use $i instead of hardcoded values. No I don't want Test::More
	  this package. Yet.
	* * Makefile.PL
	  -- ChangeLog generation, take 4
	* * Makefile.PL
	  -- ChangeLog generation, take 3
	* * Makefile.PL
	  -- Spaces->Tabs
	* * Makefile.PL
	  -- create the ChangeLog from Subversion

2003-02-17  k

	* * new test t/scripts.t
	  * binsearchaperl
	  -- docs about the installed-perls/ directory and the danger of
	  config options
	  * buildaperl
	  -- escaping @ in string
	  * scripts/apc-overview
	  -- add a header line to the output
	* added apc-overview to MANIFEST and EXE_FILES
	* * APC.pm
	  -- added apcdirs method so that external scripts need not access
	  object data directly
	  * buildaperl
	  -- small doc fixes
	  * adding apc-overview
	  * eg/test_full_apc.pl
	  -- use apcdirs()
	  -- rewording

2003-02-16  k

	* * buildaperl
	  -- when renaming perl-5... to perl-p-5... I missed the early
	  "Directory exists, giving up". No reinstantiated
	  -- Remove the code that changed patchlevel.h forever
	  -- Removed the "tee" and the whole patchaperlup.out. As we check
	  beforehand if the argument is correct, we do not have to read the
	  output at all.
	  * APC.pm
	  -- pseudo checking
	* pseudo checkin to get a new VERSION in APM
	* * buildaperl
	  -- branches were skipping many patches. I wonder why we skipped
	  but not all. Danger, Will Robinson!
	* * BAP.pm
	  -- 5.6.0@7424 in branch maint-5.6 was rejected because we did not
	  store the initial value for @ver in $last.
	  * bap.t
	  -- test for the fix above
	* * bap.t
	  -- better skip message
	* * bap.t
	  -- protect against inexistent repo
	* * Makefile.PL
	  -- determine the VERSION from the highest included $Id
	* * buildaperl
	  -- delete wince/perl.ico from MANIFEST if it doesn't exist
	  * eg/Makefile
	  -- updated to my needs
	* * buildaperl
	  -- delete wince/perl.ico from MANIFEST if it doesn't exist
	  * eg/Makefile
	  -- updated to my needs
	* * APC.pm:
	  -- documented closest in a comment, not in the manpage
	  * buildaperl
	  -- now accepts a formidable range of arguments using BAP.pm
	  -- renames to a new directory name that indicates trunk/maint as
	  perl-m-5.8.0@18701/ vs. perl-p-5.8.0@18718/
	  * eg/Makefile
	  * added P:R:APC:BAP to parse and translate the argument to
	  * added a test bap.t for APC/BAP.pm
	  * t/apc.t
	  -- now accept envariable to set repository

2003-02-15  k

	* * APC.pm:
	  -- more input checks
	  * all scripts get a "# line 4" directive at line 4 because the
	  installed versions get 3 lines of shebang magic and then
	  is off by something
	  * buildaperl
	  -- support argument "@" alone to pick latest patch of latest
	  of a given branch
	  * move test_full_apc.pl to the eg/ directory
	  * add my Makefile to the eg directory
	  * add a README to the eg directory
	* buildaperl: bugfix
	* buildaperl: bugfix
	* buildaperl: forgot to remove debugging code
	* buildaperl: could not reach last version of a branch

2003-02-14  k

	* added a readme
	* * APC.pm:
	  -- $VERSION again
	* * APC.pm:
	  -- $VERSION
	  -- more input checking on patches()
	  * buildaperl:
	  -- use {first,next}_in_branch to determine what we have to do.
	  old code was optimized for perl branch and did not work for
	  -- remove nocompile and introduce a better noconfigure instead
	  -- disable "patchlevelscript.3.txt" patching: this is private
	  -- --remo was broken, a chdir was missing
	  * patchaperlup
	  -- many entries for %SKIP
	  * test_full_apc.pl
	  -- ad hoc changes for *really* running it
	* * APC.pm:
	  -- confess if get_{to,from}_version are called without $patch
	  * add binsearchaperl
	  * buildaperl:
	  -- remove prerequisites from manpage
	* * APC.pm:
	  -- confess if get_{to,from}_version are called without $patch
	  * add binsearchaperl
	  * buildaperl:
	  -- remove prerequisites from manpage
	* * APC.pm:
	  -- did not even compile
	* testing
	* propset
	* * APC.pm:
	  -- did not even compile
	* * added buildaperl from a different repository
	  * started test_full_apc.pl
	  * APC.pm:
	  -- added method tarball

2003-02-13  k

	* -- patch_range and version_range now without code duplication
	  -- in last checkin forgot to mention closest() which remains
	  undocumented. Seems internal to me.
	* -- added patch_range and version_range: yes, I could have made
	  with less code duplication. It was my original intent, but then I
	* populate