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Andre Walker
Business::CPI - Common Payment Interface
Business::CPI::Base::Account - General implementation of Account role
Business::CPI::Base::Account::Address - General implementation of Account::Address role
Business::CPI::Base::Account::Business - General implementation of Account::Business role
Business::CPI::Base::Buyer - General implementation of Buyer role
Business::CPI::Base::Cart - General implementation of Cart role
Business::CPI::Base::Item - General implementation of Item role
Business::CPI::Base::Receiver - General implementation of Receiver role
Business::CPI::Gateway::Base - Father of all gateways
Business::CPI::Role::Account - Manage accounts in the gateway
Business::CPI::Role::Account::Address - Business::CPI role for Addresses
Business::CPI::Role::Account::Business - Business::CPI representation of corporations
Business::CPI::Role::Buyer - Information about the client
Business::CPI::Role::Cart - Shopping cart or an order
Business::CPI::Role::Gateway::Base - Basic role for all gateway drivers
Business::CPI::Role::Gateway::FormCheckout - Provide a checkout with simple HTML forms
Business::CPI::Role::Item - Role to represent a product in the cart
Business::CPI::Role::Receiver - The person receiving the money
Business::CPI::Util - Utilities for Business::CPI
Business::CPI::Util::EmptyLogger - Default null logger
Business::CPI::Util::Types - Basic types for Business::CPI
Changes for version 0.912
    • Add defaults to Money types in the Cart role
    • Add pay_gateway_fee key to the Receiver role

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