Revision history for Captcha-reCAPTCHA

0.1     2007-05-25
        Initial release.
0.2     2007-05-25
        Added t/20.check_answer.t, minor doc fixes.
0.3     2007-05-26
        Minor doc fixes
0.4     2007-05-26
        Made LWP::UserAgent creation lazy
        Added Mailhide support
0.5     2007-05-27
        Added better validation for keys to provide helpful diagnostics in
        the case where the wrong key is used.
        Improved test coverage.
        Added support for generation of RecaptchaOptions options hash.
0.6     2007-05-29
        Remove key validation code: keys may change format in the future.
        Switched server error code to 'recaptcha-not-reachable'
0.7     2007-05-31
        Switched to HTML::Tiny for markup generation.
        Split Captcha::reCAPTCHA::Mailhide into a separate module
0.8     2007-11-01
        s/incorrect-challenge-sol/incorrect-captcha-sol/g #29693
        Thanks to William Campbell for finding it.

0.9     2007-11-01
        Code unchanged. Version bump because I packaged the last version
        with Leopard's tar - which likes to add Apple specific extended
        attrs. Grrr.
0.91    2007-11-07
        Ditched use of Sick of version number confusion.

0.92    2007-11-19
        Split from mail Captcha::reCAPTCHA distro.

0.93    2007-12-18
        Handle versions of HTML::Tiny that encode ' as '

0.94    2010-07-03
        Updated Perl plugin to use Google infrastructure.