Changes for version 1.05

  • Got rid of POE::Component::Server::TCP and replaced it with POE::Wheel::SocketFactory for speed/efficiency
  • As the documentation for POE::Filter::HTTPD says, updated POD to reflect the HTTP::Request/Response issue
  • Got rid of SimpleHTTP::Request, due to moving of the Connection object to Response -> Found a circular leak by having SimpleHTTP::Connection in SimpleHTTP::Request, to get rid of it, moved it to Response -> Realized that sometimes HTTP::Request will be undef, so how would you get the Connection object?
  • Internal tweaking to save some memory
  • Added the MAX_RETRIES subroutine
  • More extensive DEBUG statements
  • POD updates
  • Paul Visscher tracked down the HTTP::Request object leak, thanks!
  • Cleaned up the Makefile.PL
  • Benchmarked and found a significant speed difference between post()ing and call()ing the DONE event -> The call() method is ~8% faster -> However, the chance of connecting sockets timing out is greater...
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