Changes for version 1.000

  • Released: 2011-03-04 23:37:23 UTC
  • Converted to Dist::Zilla for the release process! Tweaked the internals to cleanup automated issues Ported the META.(yml|json) tests to the new Test::CPAN::Meta infrastructure, thanks JAWNSY! ( RT#66215 ) Changed some plugins so they execute tests as TODO, to not cause spurious FAILs Added Test::Vars to the testsuite Added Test::Script to the testsuite Added Test::Pod::LinkCheck to the testsuite Added Test::Pod::Spelling::CommonMistakes to the testsuite Added debugging of test info, thanks POE::Test::Loops! Replaced Test::Dependencies with homebrew solution utilizing Perl::PrereqScanner Removed Test::Module::Used plugin ( see above ) Removed the Test::Prereq plugin because it never worked reliably and we already have a plugin for it ( see above ) Removed the Test::UseAllModules plugin because we have other plugins that do the same thing Bumped Test::NoPlan prereq to 0.0.6 so it works properly under Test::Block Bumped Test::Pod prereq to 1.41 so it doesn't complain about L<text|scheme> being invalid Added Pod::Coverage::TrustPod as the coverage class for Test::Pod::Coverage Fixed a bug in Test::Spelling where the file stopwords weren't added right Fixed a bug in OutdatedPrereqs where it complained if the CPAN version was older than what was specified Revamped the Perl::Critic test to automatically use a default config if one wasn't found in t/perlcriticrc
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