v2.21, 23.09.2016
	- no code changes to ECB.pm
	- ecb.pl -l now prints module versions
	- ignoring Serpent in test suite as it is broken on many platforms

v2.20, 30.03.2016
	- made passing a custom padding method possible without specifying a cipher before
	- added verifying correct truncation of custom padding methods
	- added verifying padded bytes when truncating (for standard and zeroes padding)
	- added testing encrypt_hex and decrypt_hex function style
	- added testing start-crypt-finish
	- added testing usage of pre-existing cipher objects
	- updated eg/ecb.pl to recognize cipher modules in the Crypt::OpenSSL namespace
	- added option to eg/ecb.pl to print the Crypt::ECB version used
	- changed license again, to GPL or Artistic

v2.15, 14.03.2016
	- removing caching with v2.00 made Crypt::ECB ignorant of key changes
		within the same Crypt::ECB object. Fixed, changing the key now
		forces a new cipher object to be created.
	- added some notes on upgrading from versions before v2.00 to the README

v2.10, 07.03.2016
	- forgot another change in the v2.00 changelog...
	- changed license from GPL to Artistic
	- improved kwalitee:
		- added license information to meta files
		- removed test.pl
	- added eg/ecb.pl (command line en- and decryption)
	- added dummy cipher, so the test suite actually performs some tests
		even if there are no block ciphers installed
	- refactored test data from test scripts

v2.05, 04.03.2016
	- make Crypt:ECB work under perl-5.8.* again
	- some changes actually made in v2.00 haven't been mentioned in the changelog
	- add some more block ciphers to the test suite
	- minor changes in test.pl
	- minor documentation update

v2.00, 19.02.2016
	- ATTENTION, there are subtle changes in the API, see README for details
		- removed caching; the feature did finally not seem to make much sense
		- removed constants indicating the padding mode	(PADDING_AUTO, PADDING_NONE)
		- removed errstring(), Crypt::CBC now dies when stumbling over errors
	- better compatibility with current Crypt::CBC:
		- allow passing options like Crypt::CBC does (new and old styles)
		- allow passing an existing cipher object (RT ticket #112020)
		- added padding styles, including custom padding
			- adding 'null' padding fixes RT ticket #80456
		- added methods for accessing keysize and blocksize of a cipher
	- use Test::More (thanks to Xavier Guimard for providing a patch, RT ticket #82301)
	- changed internal attribute names (foo -> _foo and Foo -> foo)
	- much more internal code cleanup
	- updated documentation

v1.45, 16.07.2008
	- fixed test.pl so it will not stumble over an already installed Crypt::CBC
	- fixed bug in t/70-funcstyle.t which could in some cases let tests wrongly fail
	- test scripts: changed indentation, updated list of known ciphers

v1.40, 07.01.2005
	- the '0' block problem still had survived in functions encrypt and decrypt... fixed
	- some code cleanup
	- changed versioning scheme to be more CPAN-like

v1.3, 06.01.2005
	- no code changes, just some minor documentation update

v1.2, 06.01.2005
	- fixed problems with blocks consisting of a '0'

v1.1, 23.12.2000
	- first release