Object::Disoriented - remove object-orientation from modules

        use Object::Disoriented HTML::Fraction => qw<tweak>;

        print tweak($html);

    Some Perl modules have interfaces that seem object-oriented interfaces,
    but for no apparent reason. For example, Léon Brocard's
    otherwise-excellent HTML::Fractions module insists you use it in an OO

        my $fractionifier = HTML::Fraction->new;
        print $fractionifier->tweak($html);

    There's never anything interesting in the instance. You have to spend
    code on creating the instance, and then you have to pass that spurious
    instance to each call.

    I think that's pretty tedious; I'd much rather just have functions to
    call. Enter Object::Disoriented.

    Object::Disoriented is only used with "use". The first argument is the
    name of the unnecessarily-OO class; the class gets loaded if need be.
    Subsequent arguments are the names of the functions you want:

        use Object::Disoriented HTML::Fraction => qw<tweak tweak_frac>;

    Object::Disoriented internally creates an instance of the class you
    name. The names you ask for are exported into your namespace; they are
    freshly-created functions which just call the appropriate methods on the
    instance it created for.

    If you want to disorient two or more modules in a single Perl package,
    just use Object::Disoriented more than once:

        use Object::Disoriented HTML::Fraction => qw<tweak tweak_frac>;
        use Object::Disoriented CGI::Simple    => qw<param upload_info>;

    HTML::Fraction, CGI::Simple