This Perl/Tk widget provides an hyperlink widget. That is, a button
with a slightly changed look and feel, and a default method to open
the desired target URL in a web browser.

This is useful if you want just quickly want to embedd clickable
hyperlinks in your Perl/Tk application.
Otherwise, you would have to code the UI behavior as well as the
open-in-browser part over and over again.

You can read a nicely formatted version of the documentation for
this module online:


You should be able to install this using your usual method for installing
modules from CPAN. If you don't have one, have a look at:


This module requires some other modules and libraries.
See Makefile.PL for a detailled list. If you are going to install
via cpan shell or PPM, you don't have to care about.


Copyright (C) 2019 by Alexander Becker

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.16.3 or,
at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.