System Requirements:

1.  A Unix or derivative operating system.
2.  Perl version 5.005 or greater.
3.  Perl/Tk, version 800 or later.
4.  GNU make.


1.  Untar the Tk-SimpleFileselect-<version> archive with the gunzip and 
    tar commands:

  # gzip -dc Tk-SimpleFileselect-<version>.tar.gz | tar xvf -
   or, using GNU tar,

  # tar zxvf Tk-SimpleFileselect-<version>.tar.gz

2.  Change to the top-level subdirectory:

  # cd Tk-SimpleFileSelect-<version>

3.  The top-level Makefile should work on any Unix or derivative
    system that has GNU make installed.  It uses the Perl ExtUtils 
    installation to build the package's Makefile.  At the prompt, 

  # perl Makefile.PL

4.  Build the program module and documentation.  Type:

  # make

6.  If necessary, become root (via "su", for example), and 
    install the source files and documentation in the system's 
    site_perl library.

  # su
  Enter Password:
  $ make install


This software is distributed under the Perl Artistic License.
Please refer to the file "Artistic" in this directory.

Author - Robert Allan Kiesling <>.