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Revision history for Perl extension Log::Dispatch::Jabber.

0.3	- Mon Nov 25 2002

	- Fixed (in a two-steps forward, one-step back kind of way)
          the '_send' method such that messages can be sent to
          multiple recipients. See POD for details.
	- Added hooks to optionally check for recipient's presence

	- Updated to use CPAN::MakeMaker

0.22	- Wed Oct 02 2002

	- Fixed a bug that could cause package to fail in DESTROY when 
	  there was no buffer. Gah!
0.21	- Tue Oct 01 2002

	- Added option to pass "to" recipient as a string so that the
	  package will play nicely with Log::Log4perl

	- Updated POD

0.2	- Tue Oct 01 2002

	- Added option for buffering messages before sending

	- Updated POD

0.1	- Fri Sep 27 2002

	- Initial release