Changes for version 0.5

  • check wantarray to return empty list or undef in API methods that return stuff

Changes for version 0.4_01

  • fixed bug in 'recent_posts' and 'posts' methods where the results of '_getresults' were not being passed to '_buildresults'
  • fixed bug in 'tags' and 'inbox_subscriptions' methods where '_getresults' wasn't being called at all
  • Fixed broken 'tag' method in N:D:T (gah!)
  • Added N:D:User package
  • Added 'user' method to N:D:Post
  • Replaced all instances of '_request' with '_sendrequest'
  • Updated POD


OOP for the API constant variables
constant variables for API calls
constant variables for response messages
constant variables for URIs
OOP for date thingies
iterator class for Net::Delicious thingies
OOP for post thingies
OOP for subscription thingies
OOP for tag thingies
OOP for user thingies